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Look Book: Automotive Edition


Edwin Ramos and Johanna Lopez, Construction Expediters, with Jaydee Anne de la Cruz and Elijah Ramos

Why did you pick this car?
Johanna: The space is good for all the kids—the backseat goes down. It has navigation and DVDs, so what else can I ask for?
Edwin: Because it’s a good manly car! It’s almost like a Navigator.

How many kids do you have altogether?
Johanna: He has one daughter from someone else, I have one daughter on my own, and we share the boy. He’s 2 months old. We can just pile them all in here. They watch cartoons, like Bratz and Raven. We go to the park, Chuck E. Cheese, and we can totally get the whole family together.

Any rules in the car?
Johanna: We used to have a no-eating rule, but that didn’t work so well.

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