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Where to Share...

A Sofa
It may look like, but what the profilees on this site are offering isn’t romance, it’s a couch (or an extra bedroom or air mattress). Each prospective couch-sharer fills out a thorough “about me” section detailing preferences (including whether they are looking for friends, flings, or just to be hospitable). Out-of-towners should be prepared to coordinate schedules and might want to bring along a small gift like flowers or a bottle of wine—just to be polite.

Software Tricks
Eyebeam Atelier
540 W. 21st St.; 212-937-6580
At this art-technology center’s regular workshops you can learn how to turn your smartphone into a pocket synthesizer by hacking into it with open-source Pure Data software, or try your hand at constructing a printed circuit board, then get a lesson in open-source video-sharing programs. Eyebeam’s artists also post requests for animators or the Java-proficient, say, on the atelier’s website so legit and closet techies alike can share their skills without even leaving their own cubicles.

A Harley
Jupiter’s Motoshare
119 8th St., nr. Second Ave., Ste. 100, Gowanus; 718-788-2585
A motorcycle-rental club for the commitment-phobic, Jupiter’s gives bikers access to several fancy rides (a Harley-Davidson Sportster XL, BMW models 650GS, 800ST, 1200GS) for minimal outlay. Annual membership starts at $1,999—compared with the $9,000 it can take to finance, park, and maintain your own bike—and gets you access to the fleet for eighteen days over a six-month period. Members reserve bikes online, then pick them up at the Gowanus showroom or have them delivered on a flatbed truck for an extra $99.

Work Clothes
Five Boroughs Clothing Swap
While there are many clothes-trading events, the near-monthly Five Boroughs Clothing Swap has the best assembly of work-worthy garb. That’s largely thanks to the strict membership guidelines: You must register in advance, RSVP for each swap, attend at least one per year, and bring a bag of clothes—typically a mix of mall labels like J.Crew and Ann Taylor, and the occasional designer or vintage piece—in wearable condition.

North Brooklyn Compost Project
McCarren Park, Greenpoint;
This hundreds-strong program is a true cooperative: Volunteers (a lot of them members of nearby Greenpoint Williamsburg CSA) bring non-meat kitchen leftovers (banana peels, bread scraps, eggshells) to the communal compost pile across from the Orthodox church on North 12th Street. They agree to work the site (manning drop-off-stand shifts or aerating the compost pile) and, in return, can take the rich, surprisingly clean-smelling soil-booster back home.

Random Expertise
Brooklyn Skillshare
Think of this as a daylong version of the Learning Annex, only with classes on henna body art and balloon animals. Organized by photographer Meg Wachter, the Skillshare lets anyone, no matter their level of expertise, teach a class of their choosing. The first learn-a-thon, held last October, featured fifteen classes and 400 attendees. Teachers must preregister, but students can simply show up to as many classes as they like for a $10 donation. This fall’s event will be October 9 at the Brooklyn Community Arts & Media High School.

A Socket Wrench
Fixer’s Collective
Proteus Gowanus, 543 Union St., 718-243-1572
Jammed clocks, balky ceiling fans, torn suitcases—bring any of the above to the Fixer’s Collective and watch a lively bunch of handymen put their skills to use. The group meets from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. every Thursday at Proteus Gowanus, stocked with everything from extra fabric and duct tape to power tools. The menders are particularly good with umbrellas, but they’ve also handled blenders, phonographs, and flags and once turned an old phone into an MP3 player. A $5 donation is encouraged but rarely collected.

Love Interests
BK Hookup
Mixer parties for twentysomething Brooklynites who don’t want to be alone in their singlehood, each BK Hookup event has pulled in 400 to 600 people. The big draw? Ridiculous themes that serve as instant conversation-starters (past parties have included a pajama shindig with sexy bedtime stories and the Big Gay Meatup: Spring Break Edition). Events have been occurring every two or three months, with the next one slated for sometime later this summer. Cost: $7 to $15 at the door; events usually take place at the Bell House in Gowanus.

Pickles & Preserves
Bk Swappers
When canning and baking enthusiast Kate Payne and urban farmer Meg Paska got the idea to barter wares, they spread the word to the “urban ag” community through Twitter (#bkswappers). Days later, Payne’s Crown Heights apartment was filled with a crowd of 30, drinking tea and swapping pickles, preserves, fresh eggs, and baked goods made with berries plucked from public parks. Swap meets are now held every other month at a different location.

A New Obsession
Brooklyn Brainery
Gowanus Studio Space, 166 7th St., nr. Third Ave., Gowanus;
The quirky $25 classes on topics like perfume-making or traditional woodcrafts don’t exactly have teachers—session leaders aren’t expected to be experts in their chosen subjects. Think of these four-week courses more like book clubs, in which participants all read up on a topic, then share their findings with the group. Will you actually learn anything? Questionable. But the idea is to whet your thirst for knowledge rather than quench it.