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Hot Take-Out

New York food experts pick their favorite neighborhood delivery options.

Shepherd's pie from Tea & Sympathy.  


WEST VILLAGE by Adam Roberts, founder, the Amateur Gourmet

Tue Thai Food
3 Greenwich Ave., nr. Christopher St.; 212-929-9888
“A conventional spot with one outstanding dish: roast duck with noodles. Meaty bits of duck, Chinese broccoli, and egg noodles in a sweet-and-salty broth—heaven on a winter night.”
What to order: Roasted-duck noodle, $14

Baoguette/Pho Sure
120 Christopher St., at Bedford St.; 212-929-0877
“Chef Michael Bao Huynh packs so much flavor into the food, you feel almost criminal paying so little for it.
What to order: Spicy catfish sandwich, $7

Hummus Place
71 Seventh Ave. S., nr. Bleecker St.; 212-924-2022
“It has three great things going for it: fresh, hot pita; creamy, decadent hummus; and fiery green hot sauce, which gives a beige dinner some teeth.”
What to order: Hummus masabacha, $6.95

GRAMERCY by Tina Ujlaki, executive food editor, Food & Wine

Lantern's Angel from Lantern.  

311 Second Ave., at 18th St.; 212-777-2770
“Their delivery is really fast, which is a good thing because you don’t want fried stuff like crispy calamari or curry-puff chicken to get soggy.”
What to order: Lantern’s Angel, $6; crispy calamari, $5; curry-puff chicken, $5

310 Second Ave., at 18th St.; 212-716-1200
“The pizza is almost always beautifully cooked and generously topped with nice things.”
What to order: Shroomtown pizza, $12

Brick Lane Curry House
306 E. 6th St., nr. Second Ave.; 212-979-2900
“Everything is so delicious here, we even use it for impromptu dinner parties. The peshawari naan filled with sweet ground nuts is almost better for breakfast than dinner.”
What to order: Peshawari naan, $5

TRIBECA by Salvatore Rizzo, owner, De Gustibus Cooking School

120 Hudson St., at N. Moore St.; 212-219-0666
“The matzo-ball soup with a piece of pie is the best cure-all for when I’m feeling sick. It has never arrived cold. You can’t go wrong with whatever pie is in season.”
What to order: Matzo-ball soup, $10; slice of pie, $7; mac ’n’ cheese, $6

397 Greenwich St., at Beach St.; 212-780-0577
“My favorite sandwich is the tuna with preserved lemon—it feels healthy and has a kick.”
What to order: Pole-caught-tuna sandwich, $8.50

156 Chambers St., nr. Greenwich St.; 212-267-6740
“This is my go-to spot in the neighborhood for comfort food, and their delivery always arrives in nice-looking boxes and bags.”
What to order: Chicken-mushroom-spinach burger, $12; carrot cake, $6 per slice

CHELSEA by David Chang, chef-owner, Má Pêche

Grand Sichuan
229 Ninth Ave., nr. 24th St.; 212-620-5200
“I like the dan dan noodles, braised chile beef, and ma po tofu, but really, everything is good. I love talking with these guys because I feel like if I don’t order right, they will blacklist me.”
What to order: Dan dan noodles, $4.50; braised beef fillets with chile sauce, $10.95; house bean curd with spicy sauce and minced pork, $9.25

Hollywood Diner
574 Sixth Ave., at 16th St.; 212-691-8465
“I’m a sucker for a grilled cheese on rye. Or, when I really want to impress, I upgrade to the deluxe.”
What to order: Open grilled cheese deluxe, $8.25

Express Manna Kitchen
28 E. 18th St., at Broadway; 212-228-1044
“This is my go-to for Korean food when I need yukejang delivered or a kimchee fix without going to K-town.”
What to order: Shredded-beef stew, $10.95

MIDTOWN EAST by Amy Cao, founder,

Mee Noodle Shop & Grill
922 Second Ave., at 49th St.; 212-888-0027
“The restaurant is always packed, so you know your chow fun hasn’t been sitting in the wok for an hour.”
What to order: Chow fun, $6.90

Baby Bo’s Cantina
627 Second Ave., nr. 34th St.; 212-779-2656
“The red-chile chicken flautas remind me of ones I had once in Austin. They’re served with chipotle sauce and a pineapple pico, which I would never be able to re-create at home.”
What to order: Red-chile chicken flautas, $8.50

MIDTOWN WEST by Danyelle Freeman, founder, Restaurant Girl

Wondee Siam
792 Ninth Ave., nr. 52nd St.; 212-582-0355
“All the Thai soups are delicious. And there’s something transportive about eating a green-papaya salad in the dead of winter. You have to ask for it, but they always have it.”
What to order: Papaya salad, $8.95

Tina’s Cuban Cuisine
23 W. 56th St., nr. Fifth Ave.; 212-315-4313
“It’s super-fast, super-cheap, and super-comforting. I love the pork and the shrimp. I also get fried sweet plantains or boiled yuca. And plenty of hot salsa verde—wish they sold it by the bottle.”
What to order: Roast-pork special, $9

58 W. 56th St., nr. Sixth Ave.; 212-707-8702
“I wouldn’t recommend their sushi, but they do great traditional dishes, like hijiki and udon soups. The best dishes are usually specials, so ask.”
What to order: Tempura udon, $9

UPPER WEST SIDE by Ed Levine, founder,

T & R Pizza
411 Amsterdam Ave., nr. 80th St.; 212-787-4093
“Just solid New York pizza with a crust that varies from pretty good to terrific. I order a well-done, plain pie, light on the cheese.”
What to order: Large plain pie, $14.75

Pork chops from La Caridad 78.  

La Caridad 78
2199 Broadway, at 78th St.; 212-874-2780
“I take a page from my son Will’s book and order roast-pork chow fun (no vegetables), maybe a large roast-pork fried rice, and the insanely garlicky pork chops.”
What to order: Fried pork chops, $10.85