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Hot Take-Out

Mac 'n' cheese from Bubby's.  

EAST VILLAGE by Maile Carpenter, editor-in-chief, Food Network magazine

Pizza Gruppo
186 Ave. B, nr. 12th St.; 212-995-2100
“My husband [chef Wylie Dufresne] and I order from here about once a week. We stick the pizza in the oven for a few minutes, then top it with their arugula salad. It comes with a slightly sweet, herby, crazy-delicious dressing that I’ve been trying to mimic for years with no luck.”
What to order: Large plain cheese pie, $13; arugula and bocconcini salad, $9

Westville East
173 Ave. A, at 11th St.; 212-677-2033
“I don’t know how they manage to deliver a turkey burger and French fries that are still hot and edible, but God bless them for it. To make myself feel better, I throw in one or two market vegetables, usually Brussels sprouts, green beans, or broccoli.”
What to order: Turkey burger and fries, $10; market vegetables, $5 each

Paul’s Da Burger Joint
131 Second Ave., nr. St. Marks Pl.; 212-529-3033
“Paul’s serves burgers the right way: on squishy white buns. The downside is that they don’t travel well. Wylie came up with the genius solution of requesting the burgers on English muffins instead.”
What to order: Eastsider Deluxe, $12.95

UPPER EAST SIDE by Ben Leventhal, executive editor,

Cascabel Taqueria
1538 Second Ave., nr. 80th St.; 212-717-8226
“My order—sopa de tortilla, tacos camarón, and churros—tastes the same whether I’m eating there or ordering in.”
What to order: Tacos camarón, $8.50; sopa de tortilla, $5; churros, $1

Our Place Cuisines of China
242 E. 79th St., nr. Second Ave.; 212-288-4888
“Every apartment should be in delivery distance of a solid, no-dog-meat-risk Chinese restaurant. This is mine.”
What to order: Li po chicken, $13.95

206 E. 60th St., nr. Third Ave.; 212-688-9707
“On healthy days, I get their simple but tasty mista salad with grilled chicken, while on lazier days, their pizza is about the best stuff you can get without getting up off the couch.”
What to order: Insalata mista with grilled chicken, $12.50

LOWER EAST SIDE by Elie Z. Perler, blogger, Bowery Boogie

Downtown Bakery
69 First Ave., nr. 4th St.; 212-254-1757
“Cheap Mexican cuisine done right. Try their fresh guacamole and imported bottled Coke. And tell them you like the Mets.”
What to order: Carne asada burrito, $7.50; side of guacamole, $1

Hoomoos Asli
100 Kenmare St., nr. Mulberry St.; 212-966-0022
“Some of the most delectable hummus in town. The food is a bit pricey—and sometimes delayed—but the hefty portions are well worth the inconvenience.”
What to order: Jerusalem mix grill, $18.95

CENTRAL GREENWICH VILLAGE by Adam Platt, chief restaurant critic, New York Magazine

Sammy’s Noodle Shop & Grill
453 Sixth Ave., nr. 10th St.; 212-924-6688 “I consider Chinese carryout its own genre of food. Sammy’s is very durable, incredibly fast, and it doesn’t change, ever. We get chicken and garlic sauce—I eat the broccoli, and my daughters eat the chicken.”
What to order: Chicken and broccoli, $12.50

1 Fifth Ave.,nr. 8th St.; 212-995-9559
“It’s tragically expensive, but it’s really the best pizza in the neighborhood, and they’re pretty good with delivery speed.”
What to order: Margherita pizza, $11

Tea & Sympathy
108–110 Greenwich Ave., nr. Jane St.; 212-989-9735
“My wife has a fondness for Tea & Sympathy, the Britishy place. It’s not cheap and takes a long time, but their shepherd’s pie always survives the rigors of the trip.”
What to order: Shepherd’s pie, $12.95

MURRAY HILL by Amanda Cohen, chef-owner, Dirt Candy

Grand Sichuan
227 Lexington Ave., nr. 33rd St.; 212-679-9770
“I’m a chile junkie, so the spicy tofu skin and the potatoes with vinegar sauce, which are studded with Sichuan peppercorns, are like crack. And, as with crack, you don’t feel so hot the next day.”
What to order: Potatoes with vinegar sauce, $9.95

160 E. 28th St., nr. Third Ave.; 212-685-9815
“Is it authentic Mexican food? No. But it arrives at warp speed, and no matter how much I order, I can’t seem to break the $25 barrier. Avoid their nachos, which show up looking like roadkill.”
What to order: Cheese enchilada, $6.75

394 Third Ave., at 28th St.; 212-696-2888
“Their vegetarian-duck and green-papaya salads are actually better for the delivery experience (more time to stew in their own juices).”
What to order: Yum vegetarian-duck salad, $9.95

HARLEM by Selena Martinez, co-owner, 5 & Diamond

Sezz Medì
1260 Amsterdam Ave., nr. 122nd St.; 212-932-2901
“The pastas (especially the one with sausage and broccoli rabe) and salads (like the arugula with butternut squash) are really good, and they’re packed smart, with the dressing on the side. It’s slow, though—at least 25 minutes, sometimes 45.”
What to order: Arugula salad, $9; sausage and escarole rigatoni, $15

311 Amsterdam Ave., at 75th St.; 212-877-9300
“The spicy-tuna tortilla is so much fun. They take delivery service seriously, and it’s here in maybe twelve minutes.”
What to order: Spicy-tuna tortilla, $12

Pappardelle Bolognese from Henry's.  

2745 Broadway, at 105th St.; 212-866-0600 “
If I just want a regular American meal, I order a burger, nothing fancy: cheese, bacon. If I want to branch out, the pappardelle Bolognese does the trick.”
What to order: Grilled sirloin burger, $10; pappardelle Bolognese, $15

FINANCIAL DISTRICT by Kurt Gutenbrunner,chef-co-owner of Blaue Gans and Cafe Sabarsky

Adrienne’s Pizzabar
54 Stone St., nr. Hanover Sq.; 212-248-3838
“It’s always a staple, and with kids, you can never go wrong. Their pizza is healthier than the chains’.”
What to order: Old-fashioned pizza, $17.50

1 Wall St., at Pearl St.; 212- 785-6850
“My girls all love Haru’s sushi, and whatever the girls want, the girls get.”
What to order: Kabuki platter, $15.75.