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Hot Take-Out


Sushi platter from Haru.  


PARK SLOPE by Michael Ferraro, chef, Delicatessen

Bogota Latin Bistro
141 Fifth Ave., nr. St. Johns Pl.; 718-230-3805
“They have the best tortilla soup. It’s made with a spicy chipotle broth—so comforting after a long day at work.”
What to order: Tortilla soup, $8

440 Seventh Ave., at 15th St.; 718-768-9888
“I don’t typically like ordering sushi for delivery, but this place I trust. The quality is outstanding for what it costs.”
What to order: Ten roll, $11

New Yorker paninis from Windsor Cafe.  

Windsor Cafe
220 Prospect Park W., nr. 16th St.; 718-788-9700
“From a decent salad to an omelette, it’s a better-than-usual diner.”
What to order: New Yorker panini, $10.25; Waldorf salad, $10.95

PROSPECT HEIGHTS by Joshua Bernstein, freelance food writer

318 Flatbush Ave., nr. Seventh Ave.; 718-398-2300
“Their pies may not be Di Fara’s, but so what. They arrive hot and cheesy, with a nice and crisp crust.”
What to order: Plain cheese pie, $14

Hing Lung Kitchen
644 Vanderbilt Ave., nr. Park Pl.; 718-789-7999
“The pinnacle of Chinese delivery. The food arrives fast and fresh. Lots of veggies, little grease. Oh, and there’s no insidious charge for brown rice.”
What to order: Mixed vegetables with bean curd, $8.25

Tamales from Chavella's.  

732 Classon Ave., nr. Park Pl.; 718-622-3100
“There’s always a line out the door, but deliveries come lickety-split.”
What to order: Pescado taco, $3.50; carne enchilada taco, $3; chicken mole taco, $3; tamales, $3

GREENPOINT by Justine Carroll, blogger, Greenpointers

Nina’s Restaurant & Pizzeria
635 Meeker Ave., nr. Kingsland Ave.; 718-389-8854
“For my Italian fix, I get a seriously satisfying rice-ball parmigiana. They accept credit cards, and the guys fly up my fifth-floor walk-up.”
What to order: Rice-ball parmigiana, $5

Manhattan Three Decker Restaurant
695 Manhattan Ave., nr. Norman Ave.; 718-389-6565
“On a hungover Sunday afternoon, a McMargie (a triple-decker bacon cheeseburger) delivered will always make you feel better.”
What to order: McMargie, $7.25

BUSHWICK by Jeremy Sapienza, editor,

Taqueria El Paisa
324 Suydam St., nr. Irving Ave.; 718-417-0381
“The food from around Puebla—where most of Bushwick’s Mexican community is from—is especially delicious. The al pastor tacos are the most delectable things you can get for $2.50.”
What to order: Al pastor tacos, $2.50

Tomo Japanese Fusion
1077 Flushing Ave., nr. Knickerbocker Ave.; 718-456-3695
“Their standard sushi rolls are cheap and use large chunks of fish. The bento box is packed with bits of fried and marinated things—plus an entire steak—and is a great deal.”
What to order: Beef-teriyaki bento box, $16

Life Café
983 Flushing Ave., nr. Bogart St.; 718-386-1133
“They can be a bit slow, but it’s an institution for vegetarian food and burgers. They have great specials, too, like an awesome grilled meat loaf, smothered in mushrooms.”
What to order: Grilled old-fashioned meat loaf, $10.80

CROWN HEIGHTS by Andrea Heisinger, blogger, Midtown Lunch

803 Nostrand Ave., nr. Union St.; 718-604-0396
“There is no shortage of Caribbean places around here, but Sunshine is the only one I know that delivers. It’s run by a husband-and-wife team who are really sweet, and their food is terrific.”
What to order: Stew chicken, $8

Billy’s Pizzeria
1627 Bedford Ave., at Carroll St.; 718-245-1777 “
If you’re carbo-loading, this is the place to do it. Order pasta, and I swear they give you an entire package’s worth, plus a half-loaf of bread.”
What to order: Deep-dish chicken Alfredo with spinach, $19.55

Bombay Masala
678 Franklin Ave., nr. Prospect Pl.; 718-230-7640
“When I want something curry-spicy, not Jamaican-spicy, I’ll order from them. The naan is still piping hot when it arrives.”
What to order: Chicken curry, $8.75

CARROLL GARDENS by Jordana Rothman, food-and-drink editor, Time Out New York

Calexico Carne Asada
122 Union St., nr. Columbia St.; 718-488-8226
“It’s a testament to its delivery prowess that I’ve never actually set foot inside. As long as they are willing to ferry cheesy pork quesadillas to my door, I don’t see a reason to darken theirs.”
What to order: Pulled-pork quesadilla, $6

Hawaiian-style ramen from Eton.  

359 Sackett St., nr. Smith St.; 718-222-2999
“Owner Eton Chan did time at Asiate, and you can still catch traces of his pedigree here: The dumplings arrive with an arsenal of housemade dips and hold up remarkably well.” What to order: Pan-seared-dumpling sampler, $7

South Brooklyn Pizza
451 Court St., nr. Fourth Pl.; 718-852-4038
“If Lucali didn’t exist, this place would be the hood’s crown jewel. But these guys at least deliver. The coal-oven pies arrive crisp with the kind of char only a pizza purist loves.”
What to order: Margherita pizza, $25

WILLIAMSBURG by Amanda Kludt, blogger, Eater

319 Graham Ave., nr. Devoe St.; 718-599-8899
“I go for a seasonal salad and a now-famous Brussels-sprouts pizza with pancetta. The dough is wonderful, the pie is never too soupy, the sauce is right on the mark.”
What to order: Brussels-sprout pizza, $14; seasonal salad, $10

Los Primos
704 Grand St., nr. Graham Ave.; 718-486-8449
“They’ve got a mind-boggling menu— hamburgers, pasta, nachos, twenty preparations of chicken, mofongo, seafood, and on and on and on. But what I love here is the chicken soup, a reliable spirit-lifter when I’m sick and stuck in my apartment.”
What to order: Chicken soup, $5

Curry Heaven
513 Grand St., nr. Union Ave.; 718-388-3021
“The restaurant is not much to look at, so most of my meals from here take place on my couch. It scratches an itch when you’re looking for a super-spicy vindaloo.”
What to order: Lamb vindaloo, $9

DITMAS PARK by Josh Ozersky, food columnist, Time magazine

Double Dragon
41A Newkirk Plz., at Foster Ave.; 718-434-8211
“Every run-down block in Brooklyn has a Chinese joint, but this one shines: the deep-fried-breaded-pork-chop-roast-pork-fried-rice combo would tempt the Hasidim that live nearby.”
What to order: Pork-fried-rice combo, $5.50

San Remo
1408 Cortelyou Rd., nr. Rugby Rd.; 718-282-4915
“It’s painful to live so close to Di Fara and have to eat someone else’s pizza, but that’s the cost of not wearing pants. San Remo’s slices are much better than their whole pies. I get two and a meat patty, the latter to be reheated later, as a nightcap.”
What to order: Plain slice, $2.25; meat patty, $2.25

984 Coney Island Ave., nr. Newkirk Ave.; 718-434-8088
“This Afghan restaurant serves some of the city’s best pumpkin dumplings, pomegranate chicken, and other South Central Asian specialties. The food arrives about five degrees above body temperature, which is how I prefer it.”
What to order: Pumpkin dumplings, $5.95; pomegranate chicken, $9.95

FORT GREENE by Sophie Kamin, baker, Four & Twenty Blackbirds, and husband Nate Smith, chef at the forthcoming Dean Street.

Bergen Bagels
486 Myrtle Ave., at Hall St.; 718-789-9300
“They’ll deliver like $7 worth of food, so you can get four bagels and some cream cheese and have people over for brunch”
What to order: A dozen bagels, $9.60

511 Myrtle Ave., nr. Grand Ave.; 718-398-1459
“The tostadas are a great deal—really cheap and huge. Most of the time they’re not soggy—and if they are, we don’t mind.”
What to order: Tostada tinga de pollo, $3.50

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