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Make Your Own Flower Arrangement


Illustrations by Jason Lee  

Flower-course director Sonali Patel of the Jane Packer Flower School describes how to transform corner-deli blooms into a good-looking centerpiece. Anemones are used here, but tulips, roses, or peonies work as well.

(1) First, condition the blooms. Remove leaves and any bits of foliage stuck on the stems, leaving the top third intact. (2) Then, prepare the container. For a little drama, wrap a large leaf around the outside of a tumbler glass and secure it with a pearl pin, cocktail stick, tiny branch, or double-sided sticky tape. A teapot, tall bowl, cup, or colored vase will also work. Fill the tumbler or container with water half- to three-quarters full. (3) Starting with one flower in your hand, add stems one at a time, turning the bouquet as you add them. Spiral the stems around each other, making sure all the heads are at the same level. As the bouquet thickens, add the outer flowers so the heads are slightly lower to create a dome. (4) Trim the stems straight across the bottom, so they are in proportion to your container and the lowest buds sit on the rim.


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