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A Little Respect, Please

The heat is rising, the socks are coming off: an owner’s manual to your most overworked, underappreciated body part.


Feet are weird. Some people find them pretty, some people find them freaky, everyone has an opinion (about their own and others'). It's easy to hide troubled feet nine months out of the year: Maybe you let your toe fur grow with abandon or bundle away raggedy yellow nails in thick wool socks. Then the weather turns hot and things get public; meanwhile, feet sweat more, stink worse, and bubble up with the kind of burning blisters that make shoes feel lined with shark's teeth. Whatever your issue—from athlete's foot to pancake-flat arches to bunions the size of Staten Island—this heel-to-toe handbook has the solution: laser-armed-aestheticians, miracle-working "medicurists," reflexologists with hands of steel, and even foot-centric pharmacies for you DIY types.
ServicesFoot Soldiers
A dozen of the city's top foot-perfecting services.
Flip-flopsHow Gross Are Your Flip-Flops?
Our writer traipses around the city, then swabs his feet for science.
PodiatristThe Podiatrist Wears Stilettos
Sitting down with Jacqueline Sutera, D.P.M.
PedicuresToe Fresheners
Five new pedicure spots.
ProductsSuperheroes of the Foot-Care Aisle
Endorsed by people whose feet are their livelihood.
foot paradeFeet, Feet Everywhere!
A sidewalk survey of New Yorkers and their dogs.
Plus: Barely There Sandals

This story appeared in the June, 11, 2012 issue of New York Magazine.


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