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Feet, Feet Everywhere!

A sidewalk survey of New Yorkers and their dogs.


Charts for Blogs and Articles

Nicole Beth Wallenbrock, French Professor
Annette Baine, Nurse
"I have very fat feet. I can't wear those really fashionable pointy shoes because I can't fit into them."
Jillian Kornsweig, Graphic Designer
Ray Baxter, Sign Painter
"I take pride in my feet. I don't have dried-up fungus-y or flaky or nasty feet or anything. Just nice, clean feet—they don't stink."
Meena Sigireddi, Medical Student
Nick Scholl, Magazine Editor
Bonnie McPike, Cook
Joanna Wills, Stylist
Krysta Duran, Digitization Specialist
Jamey MacGilvray, Artist
Esther Akiwsanyun, Banker-Emcee
"I like wearing sandals in the summertime to let my feet breathe. When my feet get hot, I can't function."
Vonnie Quinn, Radio Host
James Orlando, Art Director
Marlena Plagianos Statistician
"I'm a size ten and used to be self-conscious about having big feet. Now I am pregnant and worried they are going to get bigger."
Keith Boadwee, Artist
Cristy Rhoads, Art Director
Nicollette Allen, Student
Mary May, Jewelry Designer
"Mine are small and cute, a size six. I did ballet for eleven years, and they didn't get destroyed. On a ten-point scale, I’d say they’re a solid eight."
Andrea Huelse, Set Designer
Lindsay Lowe, Stylist
Frank Pinello, Pizzeria Owner
Vic Wong, Software Engineer
Joan Christian, Pet-Store Owner
"My grandmother always told me to wear sunscreen and take care of your feet. That's why I wear platforms."
Zoë Ziskin, 2-year-old
Kerrianne Pritchard, Tour Guide
"My feet get very callus-y and rough because I walk so much for work. But I get pedicures, and my boyfriend rubs them."
Brandii Banks, Actor
Brian Wocter, Software-Company Owner
Kait Robinson, Photographer
Michael Chernow, Restaurateur
Regina Overath, Printmaker
Brianna McHugh, Digital-Communications Strategist
Fox Sullivan, 10-month-old
MOM: "He likes the piggy games. And we do this thing where we kiss all his toes. He starts laughing, he thinks it's funny."
Nuzio Trezza, Pizza Guy
Nicole Formisano, Ad Sales Coordinator
"I don't like feet in general; they're not the most attractive body part. So I would never be confident in saying I love my own."
Ashley Hayes, Art Educator
Danny Deferrari, Actor
"I have been told I have great arches."
Dalaeja Foreman, Display Artist
Mina Tosti, Entrepreneur
Masako Hayashida, Student
Shanequa Simpson, Student
"I had perfect feet when I was younger—no bunions, nothing disgusting. Now I am 20, but they are still kind of nice."

Interviews by Katie van Syckle
Photographs by Jonathan Nesteruk


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