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Super Bowl Saturday


Urban Jungle  

Saturday Afternoon
Cheap vintage, Masonic paraphernalia, custom suits.

I love going to the Sock Man (27 St. Marks Pl., nr. Second Ave.; 212-529-0300). I just got the coolest pair of Grateful Dead socks there!” —Cody Critcheloe, musician

“If you’re in Greenpoint, go to Word (126 Franklin St., at Milton St.; 718-383-0096), which is an awesome bookstore. It’s got a really nice neighborhood feel. They often have novelists who work there part-time. Jami Attenberg, who wrote The Middlesteins, has occasionally done shifts there. Emily Gould also volunteers there at times. So it’s kind of neat—you might find a writer you admire who is working that day and will recommend books.” —Adelle Waldman, writer

“I like to go to Freemans Sporting Club (8 Rivington St., nr. Bowery; 212-673-3209) for a shave, and then maybe get a shirt tailor-made—I’m six-three and I have long arms, so it’s very hard for me to get a shirt that fits—and sometimes even a suit. You could spend the whole day there, four or five hours. It’s like a social club.” —Pat LaFrieda, meat purveyor

“A lot of the time in New York you’ll find a ‘vintage thrift store’ and you get there and you’re like, ‘$400 for a shirt!’ I’m sorry, but that’s just not thrift anything. My favorite thrift store ever is Urban Jungle (118 Knickerbocker St., nr. Thames St.; 718-381-8510), in Bushwick, off the Morgan stop. It’s real vintage stuff and it’s really cheap. I got this awesome jacket from the seventies for like $20. And it’s humongous. To find the really good stuff you have to dig. My friends and I like to go to Roberta’s (261 Moore St., nr. Bogart St.; 718-417-1118) for pizza afterward, because it’s right around the corner.” —Condola Rashad, actress

“Spend a Saturday afternoon walking around Red Hook (3 p.m. is when the light is amazing) and poke your head into Erie Basin (388 Van Brunt St., at Dikeman St.; 718-554-6147). It’s a little shop with small nineteenth-century antiques and fantastic jewelry and an inclination toward strange Masonic and odd paraphernalia. I once procured a magic wand there.” —Dustin Yellin, artist

“More artsy people who are into wacky fashion should go to the VFiles Shop (12 Mercer St., at Howard St.; 212-804-6400). They carry very selective designer clothing, like that brand Hood by Air. But it’s kind of expensive, so I would take my friends on a budget to my favorite 99-cent store on Knickerbocker Avenue in Bushwick, which is there right when you get off the subway. They have this very cool wall of masks, which I collect.” —Sandy Kim, photographer

I like the thrift stores on the Upper East Side, because they’re pretty random and there’s a lot of old-lady stuff. You’ll find labels like Nina Ricci, James Galanos, Arnold Scaasi. Some weird furs. There’s a cluster of these stores in the East Eighties: There’s CancerCare (1480 Third Ave., at 84th St.; 212-879-9868), the Arthritis Foundation (1430 Third Ave., nr. 81st St.; 212-772-8816), and Council Thrift Shop (246 E. 84th St., nr. Third Ave.; 212-439-8373). I don’t like my thrift stores to be too curated. I like the hunt.” —Leanne Shapton, artist and writer

“There are tons of antique shops down in this cluster in the Village. You just have to know where to go. They’re scattered, and unfortunately the shops are becoming fewer and fewer. At Bernd Goeckler (30 E. 10th St., nr. University Pl.; 212-777-8209), I’ve found Art Deco–ish light fixtures and some great chandeliers. These stores all have wonderful, strange things that you kind of have to search in a haystack to find, if you know what I mean.” —Mario Buatta, interior decorator

Dolce & Gabbana just opened a new store on Madison Avenue (827 Madison Ave., at 69th St.; 212-249-4100), and it’s a little jewel box. Edwin Vega is one of the sales guys, and what I love is that he can just look at you and put you in what he knows you’re going to look good in. When I watch him with people, he’ll never put somebody into something he knows they won’t fit into or will make them feel bad. Edwin’s very lovely like that. Anytime he puts me together, I look great. And you know, they have reasonably priced stuff in there. They have great sales.” —Cornelia Guest, handbag designer

“I like stopping by my friend Emilie Jean’s new textile store Xenomania (206 E. 6th St., nr. Third Ave.; 646-590-3211). It’s kind of like my own store, Creel and Gow, in the sense that she travels all around the world and discovers really crazy things. The store feels like her own home; it’s very warm. It has beautiful carpets on the floor and African furniture and sculpture, and she also sells jewelry; a lot of it comes from Jaipur, where she lived for a while.” —Jamie Creel, store owner

“For antiques, I’ll go to an auction at Doyle (175 E. 87th St., nr. Third Ave.; 212-427-2730). They have extraordinary sales: They had the estate sales of Lena Horne, Bette Davis, and Joan Crawford. I bought some wonderful silver serving dishes of Joan’s, which I love; I polish the silver myself. At the Lena Horne sale—I knew Lena; she wasn’t a friend, but I saw the Lena Horne show on Broadway about seventeen times—I bought some of Lena Horne’s forks.” —André Leon Talley, contributing editor

“If you go to New York Vintage (117 W. 25th St., nr. Sixth Ave.; 212-647-1107), ask for Shannon Hoey or Jon Schneck. They’re the ones who dress Lady Gaga. They do the clothes for Boardwalk Empire, they did Sex and the City. And they’ll give you an amazing tour upstairs: these secret rooms where they have almost a museum of vintage clothing. You know Carrie’s crazy bird hat? It’s there.” —David Copperfield, magician

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