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Super Bowl Saturday


The Jane Hotel  

Saturday Night

“I walked across the ­Brooklyn Bridge for the first time right before my 18th birthday, and that to me is such a fun and beautiful thing to do at night for a pre-dinner stroll. To be still and look at the lights … I think that’s so romantic. I think Prospect Park is the most beautiful park in New York. It’s sort of the wild version of Central Park. It’s like being in the woods in the middle of Brooklyn. I like walking by the zoo ’cause they have a red panda. I really like the red panda. At night, go to Henry Public (329 Henry St., nr. Pacific St., Cobble Hill; 718-852-8630) and have their Wide Awake cocktail. That’s what I do on my date nights. It’s got like lemon and ginger and then a lot of alcohol in it. It feels like you’re doing something vaguely good for yourself, because you’re drinking lots of ginger and lemon, but actually you’re just having a very alcoholic beverage. For dinner they have the most amazing turkey-leg sandwich. Oh my God, I can’t … it’s insane. They make like a stew of dark-meat turkey and gravy, like sort of Sloppy Joe style, but really it’s just like this dark brew, and then they put it on some toasty bread and they put little fried-onion crumbles on top, and then you can eat that with some French fries. Another one of my favorite things to do is go to Video Free Brooklyn (244 Smith St., at Douglass St., Carroll Gardens; 718-855-6130), a video store in my neighborhood, and see what they have, what the staff recommend on the shelves. The experience of going to a video store is sort of dying—being able to go in there and look at all the titles together and then being like, ‘Oh, right, I Married a Witch—I’ve ­actually never seen that.’” —Zoe Kazan, actress

“I’ll usually spend the whole night at Paul’s Baby Grand (2 Sixth Ave., nr. Church St.; 212-519-6681). There’s a guy whose job it is to just go at 1 a.m. and put a disco ball up. You’ll ­usually see a bunch of celebrity and industry types.” —Sydney ­Reising, publicist

“The Spectrum (59 Montrose Ave., nr. Lorimer St., Williamsburg; no phone) is awesome but so weird because it’s literally on a residential block in East Williamsburg. Across the street is a park. You pull up to the address, see just a row of houses, and you’re like, ‘What is going on? Where is there a club?’ You go through a gate and inside a three-story house. It’s this big dance hall that can fit about 150 people and is run by this guy Gage of the Boone. It’s an underground club, essentially, so you can’t just walk in there on any random Saturday night and expect something—you have to know what’s going on. It’s very artsy and Bushwick ‘dress-uppy.’ Voguing and dance-offs are always going down. Some queen will always get undressed and start voguing on the floor for sure.” —Seva Granik, event producer and promoter

“Tokya (40 E. 58th St., at Madison Ave.; 212-308-6888) is a very cool sushi restaurant that turns into a nightclub after-hours. There are these golden-leather-padded walls and you go down a golden staircase and think, ‘Where am I? Disney­land?’ It reminds my friends and me of the old-school times of the eighties because everyone is all together and it’s very uptown-downtown. There’s also a proper dance floor, so everyone feels connected, which is nice, ­especially in these days of being roped off in these VIP areas.” —­Marjorie Gubelmann, D.J. and CEO

“Saturday is the best night at the Jane Hotel (113 Jane St., at West St.; 212-924-6700). The crowd has definitely changed in the past few years—we have a lot more Europeans now. French people love the Jane for some reason. But there’s still a lot of ­artists and models.” —Lyz Olko, director of nightlife for the Jane Hotel

“I went to Kingston, Jamaica, and experienced their nightlife scene, and Bembe (81 S. 6th St., at Berry St., Williamsburg; 718-387-5389) kind of has that feel—that Latin-Afro-Caribbean vibe. It’s also a good group of people who go on Saturdays—people who are more fun to be with than the super-scene–y people I’m normally around. When I’m there, I see people doing what they call in Jamaica ‘daggering.’ It’s kind of like twerking but has been around since before we started using that word.” —David X. Prutting, photographer

“I love Veselka (144 ­Second Ave., at 9th St.; 212-228-9682); it’s such an iconic late-night spot. I’m really weird and end up getting borscht, which is a super-random thing to eat at four in the morning, but I guess it’s my brain trying to be healthy and not going for the ­pierogi. You find such a mix of ­people and ages there. It’s all ­classic, old-school New Yorkers.” —Hannah Bronfman, D.J. and entrepreneur

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