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“I Drive a Taxi, But I’m Also …”


… A Champion Bowler
Cary Fishman

How long have you been driving?
Thirty-nine years. I started when I was 24.

Does driving keep you young?
Not exactly; I think bowling does. I just won the finals in the AMF tournament.

So you’re good.
I have my good days; even a blind rat finds a piece of cheese every now and then. Bowling is about rhythm and timing.

Sort of like driving?
I guess so, yeah. They used to call me the Midnight Cowboy, because I drove all night in the seventies. I was single then, and the city was different.

How so?
Well, 90 percent of cabdrivers were home with their families by 7 p.m.

That must have given you an edge.
Sure. I used to hit the Blue Angel on 54th Street—one of the hottest clubs at the time. They had eight chorus girls, looked just like Rockettes, except two of them were drag queens. They’d wait for me to drive them home. It was a carpool party!


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