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Waste Management

Show your detritus you care with these trashy innovations.


Trash from McKibbin Street in Bushwick.  

Take fewer trips to the compost pile with this food-decimating, odor-filtering hand-crank shredder ($119 at

No techie bells and whistles here—this rustic enamel pail ($50 at lets you compost like a pioneer.

When it comes to vermicomposting, Red Wiggler worms ($32 for 1,000 at are the nutrient-spinners of choice.

This sleek countertop composter ($399 at processes up to five pounds of food a day, depositing the garden bait in a removable tray.

A nontoxic solution lures pesky, compost-hovering fruit flies into a pretty glass trap ($12 at Green Depot, 222 Bowery, nr. Prince St.; 212-226-0444).

The more garbage you shove in this flexible steel bin ($798 at, the artier it looks.

Ward off unwanted kitchen visitors with Mint-X’s wintergreen-scented, rodent-repellent garbage bags ($10 at

A built-in motion sensor and carbon filter mean germaphobes don’t have to touch—or smell—this next-level garbage can ($110 at

Ubbi’s deodorizing diaper pail ($79 at Giggle, 352 Amsterdam Ave., nr. 77th St.; 212-362-8680) fits standard bags, so there’s no need for special refills.

Whirlpool’s push-button portable compactor ($749 at is good for on-the-go renters.

Gianluca Soldi’s R2-D2–esque receptacle and compactor ($360 at Property, 14 Wooster St., nr. Canal St.; 917-237-0123) has separate bins for glass, paper, and plastic.


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