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How to Survive a Zombie Attack

A fight-or-flight primer to outliving the urban undead.


Zombies tap into the psyche of New York City like no other ghoul. Their insatiable hunger for braaaaains mirrors our own depthless ambition and magnifies our most crippling anxieties: fear of random violence; fear of the chaos that lurks inside every crowd; fear of the stranger with one thing on his mind. Is it any surprise, then, that end-of-days parables like The Walking Dead (which just kicked off its second season on AMC), Brian Ralph’s graphic novel Daybreak (out now from Drawn + Quarterly), and the Resident Evil series (now shooting its fifth installment) strike such an emotional chord? read more [+]
Stay-GoShould You Stay or Should You Go?
Either way, there will be trouble. A debate.
TaxonomyKnow Thy Enemies
Before you can kill them, you must understand them.
MetLoot the Met
The top four zombie-defense tools at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Go BagThe Go! Go! Go! Bag
Everything you need to flee the horde.
RefugeHole Up Here
Where to seek refuge in a city of 8 million cannibals.
Zombie BrainThe Zombie Brain at Work
Two neuroscientists explain.
WinnersWho Will Win in the End?
Depends who you ask.
Golden RulesGolden Rules
Three very important things to remember.
WeaponsWhen You're Ready to Kill Zombies
Follow this advice.


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