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Television Preview


Like Hugh Laurie in House? Then you'll love Shark.  

America the Beautiful
Thanks to America Ferrera, Ugly Betty is shaping up to be the new season’s most unlikely swan.
Ugly Betty, ABC; premieres September 28 (8 p.m.)

Fancy Meeting You Here
Longtime friends and indie-film favorites, Hope Davis and Campbell Scott find themselves on network TV with each other.
Six Degrees, ABC; premieres September 21 (10 p.m.)

Like House? Then You'll Love...
Now there’s Shark, a clever variation on House’s formula, substituting lawyers for doctors and inserting the just-­hammy-enough James Woods as the central sourpuss.
Shark, CBS; premieres September 21 (10 p.m.)

We Can Work it Out: Standoff
The idea Silverstein pitched was “Mad About You with guns”.
Standoff, Fox; premieres September 5 (9 p.m.)

The Not Ready for Prime Time Playoff
How to tell the difference between NBC’s dueling SNL-inspired shows.
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, NBC; premieres September 18 (10 p.m.)
30 Rock, NBC; premieres October 11 (8:30 p.m.)

Why to Watch The Wire
With season four, even die-hards might be nervous: The action’s shifted to Baltimore’s school system.
The Wire, HBO; premieres September 10 (10 p.m.)

The Best of the Rest
Super freaks, pitiable fools, robbing Mick Jagger, and more.

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