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Best of the Rest: Television


Pushing Daisies
A high-concept, Tim Burton–esque fairy tale about a man who brings the love of his life back from the dead with a touch, but can’t ever touch her again, lest he doom her. (He touches you once, you live again; he touches you twice, you die.) Be sure to tune in early and often—this is exactly the kind of delightfully quirky show that thrills critics, then fails to find an audience, then marches happily off to a quick cancellation. ABC; October 3.

Friday Night Lights
Still the best show that no one’s watching. What is it about hot teenagers, football, and terrific writing that America doesn’t get? NBC; October 5.

Samantha Who?
Christina Applegate plays a psychiatrist who goes into a coma and wakes up not remembering that she once subjected us to Jesse. Actually, she wakes up and discovers she was a horrible person before her accident. Same difference. ABC; October 15.


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