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Fall Preview 2008: Movies


Funny Girl?
Yup. Rachel Weisz is irresistibly madcap in The Brothers Bloom. She also juggles chain saws.
Presidential Hopeful
In Oliver Stone’s sure-to-be-controversial W., Josh Brolin finds both the comedy (pretzel choke!) and pathos in our soon-to-be-history president.
Fall Guys
What gives, Hollywood? Nearly all the big films featuring dude-on-dude action. A guide to the highlights of this season's big screen bro-fest.
The Bad Wife
Catherine Keener is a nightmare muse in highbrow neurotic Charlie Kaufman’s first film.
The Season in Movies
Daniel Craig returns as James Bond, Knightley's saucy duchess, and more.
Vulture’s Fall Recommend-o-Matic: Movies
What kind of moviegoer are you?
The Man Behind the T-Shirt
If you wear a certain revolutionary T-shirt to the premiere of Che, Benicio Del Toro, won’t make fun of you.
Dossier: John Hillcoat
What you should know about the Australian director turning Cormac McCarthy’s Pulitzer-winning, Oprah-approved novel, The Road, into a film.
2008’s Real Stoner Classic
Disney’s Beverly Hills Chihuahua is the type of movie that can only be appreciated high.


Fall Preview 2008

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