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2008’s Real Stoner Classic


True stoner classics rarely have actual weed in them (see Alice in Wonderland, The Three Stooges). Pineapple Express bills itself as a stoner movie, but it makes way too much sense and, more important, can be enjoyed totally sober. We predict, however, that Disney’s Beverly Hills Chihuahua can only be appreciated high. We base this on the trailer: A crazy-ass, Busby Berkeley–style cascade of high-kicking, headdress-wearing Chihuahuas dancing to a south-of-the-border remix of a novelty track by Swiss schmaltz king D.J. Bobo. YouTube has been flooded with reaction videos (think “Two girls, one cup”). Kids and adults—one, a dog owner, shields her pet’s eyes—stare with disbelief at the trailer before asking: “What the hell?” Which, of course, is the only appropriate reaction to any stoner classic.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua
Disney. October 3.


Fall Preview 2008

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