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T-Shirts Times Infinity

Just when you were getting sick of the high-concept pop-up shop, along comes Nicola Formichetti’s gonzo contribution to the form. The Gaga stylist and Thierry Mugler designer will unveil a temporary retail environment (okay, a pop-up) intended to look like the shattered entrails of a disco ball, rendered above, from September 8 to 21 at 57 Walker Street in Tribeca. Amy Odell spoke with Formichetti and Mark Foster Gage, the shop’s architect (with Marc Clemenceau Bailly) about their plans.

So, what’s going to be in the store?
N.F.: Obviously the Mugler runway pieces. Also, things that I’ve made that have never been seen. I want to create things that you can buy but also that you can touch and feel. Things that, you know, Gaga wore for albums and videos.

Have you hired staff?
M.F.G.: We’re going to be there, making sure people don’t touch any of the walls, getting fingerprints all over.

N.F.: I’ll be there; I’ll be selling the stuff. My friend Rico the zombie kid [a model who is tattooed all over, including his face and skull]—I wanted him to be shop manager. And I want him to perform in there.

What kind of performances does he do?
N.F.: He does these shows in Montreal with his friends about, like, blood and zombies and things like that, and it’s weird.

M.F.G.: The mirrors are easily cleaned.

Will Lady Gaga perform?
N.F.: I don’t know. I hope so. She should come at the end—if not, she’ll buy everything. I want her to see it for sure. We’re going to have a grand piano in the basement.

What are you planning for the opening party?
N.F.: We’re going to make it really, really loud, so it won’t be for typical fashion people. I didn’t want the shop to be something really extreme and pretentious—I wanted the kids to go in and, like, buy T-shirts. I hope people come. Do you think people will come?

Nicola Formichetti Pop-up
57 Walker St., nr. Broadway; Sept. 8–21.