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Ask a Shop Clerk: Holiday Edition


Amanda McCreary
The Future Perfect
115 N. 6th St., nr. Berry St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn; 718-599-6278

Who are you buying for this year?
I will be buying for my little sister, for my boyfriend, and I usually get something for my grandma from here. It’s fun to bring something cool and design-y from Brooklyn back to the suburbs of Illinois.

What are you buying for your sister?
My sister is totally into nature stuff. Sarah Cihat takes old dinnerware and then reglazes them with all these stencils—she’s known for her skull-and-crossbones plates [$75 to $90], but she’s doing new stencils now with spiders and owls on them that are really cute.

What about for Grandma?
I think I’m going to get a teapot by Jason Miller [$90]. It’s called Second. It’s a regular teapot, but he places beautiful bird designs on the teapot and they are all crooked and wrong.

What’s a tween-friendly gift?
We have rings called Bling Blink; they’re made to look like the outline of a diamond, like an engagement ring. But the artist does it in cool, bright colors [$7].

What are you buying for your boyfriend?
We have this silver baby rattle [$75] that makes a beautiful noise. He’s definitely checked it out. The other thing would be way more spendy. It’s a retainer [$300], gold-plated. It’s a sort of cool, hip, bling necklace for a guy.

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