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Their Wish Is Our Command


The Exit Poll
From 182 responses, some interesting trends emerge.

The Teenage Fantasy List
“A punching bag and boxing gloves, especially ones that are custom-made.”
“A concave skateboard with a lot of pop.”
Anything D.J.-related: “Serato Scratch Live”; “concert tickets to Chromeo”; “gift certificates to”; “D.J. lessons at DubSpot.”
“A roll of Texalium fiberglass”—for surfboard repair, duh.

“Poster of Edward and Jacob from Twilight.” Failing that, “a poster of Shia LaBeouf.”
“A lifetime supply of Caramel Fraps.”
“Spray paint.”
“Anything Marc by Marc Jacobs or Juicy, please.”
“Any kind of gadget— laptop, digital camera, iPod—as long as it comes in pink.”

The Best Gifts Ever Given
1. “A DVD set of Monty Python’s Flying Circus for my brother.”
—Kevin Mcentee, 42, cabdriver
2. “Vacuum-packed pastrami from Katz’s Deli, for my sister.”
—A. Celik, 33, actress
3. “For my parents: TiVo. They still tell me it changed their life— every time they see me.”
—Katie Bosworth, 29, editor
4. “I give my friends back home imitation bags from Chinatown that I pretend are real.”
—Ross Higgins, 18, model
5. “A pair of adult-size red fleece footie pajamas for my boyfriend.”
—Maura McNamara, 20, student

The Best Gifts Ever Received
1. “Someone adopted a whale in my name once. Pretty rad.” —Nick Courage, 26, publisher
2. “A grocery-store tab from my parents— perfect for a poor student.”
—Aaron Kolfage, 22, student
3. “A vintage record player and old jazz records.” —Althea Sullycole, 18, student
4. “A big white down parka to the floor, from my ex. Not everyone can pull off looking like Nanook of the North.”
—Meredith Petran, 38, marketing
5. “A 100-piece rock- and-mineral collection. I’m an Earth-sciences geek.”
—Natalia Vargas-Caba, 19, cosmetology student

The Sky’s The Limit Pick
“A rich, sweet husband who’s normal.”
—Baranaca Olivio, 42, registered nurse

The Ten Choicest Stocking Stuffers
1. Cash and kumquats.
2. Mini bottles of hard liquor.
3. Champagne splits.
4. Tickets! Rangers tix, concert tix, theater tix, etc.
5. Pez dispensers.
6. An engagement ring.
7. Fancy mechanical pencils.
8. Fancy tea.
9. A chocolate orange and a lotto ticket.
10. One hundred guitar picks.

1 Person Wanted a Televised Apology from George W. Bush
13 People Wanted to Learn
They asked for classes in: modeling, Spanish, dance, surfing, cooking, tap-dancing, kayaking, photography, computers, Web design, driving, yoga, Pilates, printmaking, sculpture, and painting.
47 People Asked for Money

The Top Eight Equine-Related Requests
1. “A horse.”
2. “A pony.”
3. “A cute mini- horse, like from the ‘Mini-Horse Madness’ episode of [TV show] Rob & Big.”
4. “Pony-riding equipment.”
5. “A pony-riding outfit.”
6. “A Great Dane named Pony.”
7. “Dr. Dre’s headphones, paint, underpants, and a pony.”
8. “Un caballo de pura raza española.”

The Most Specific Wish List (from Darren Patrick, 24, urbanist)
1) A small-to-medium Eames desk for my home office.
2) A pair of classic, shiny—but not patent-leather—lace-up black boots.
3) A trip to Iceland.
4) Blogging classes.
5) A traditional Japanese kaiseki meal.
6) A twelve-piece set of cast-aluminum pans. I already have cast iron, and I don’t like stainless steel.

Photographs by Hannah Whitaker/New York Magazine


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