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13. The smell alone will zap you back to childhood (Silly Putty, $3 at CVS).

14. Rawhide pops are better for a teething puppy than, say, your new Pumas ($4.59 at Duane Reade).

15. The Conair nail-glitter machine is well worth the mess it leaves behind ($20 at Duane Reade).

16. For coloring in books—or on playroom walls, if you’re open to that (64 Crayola crayons, $6 at Walgreens).

17. An obligatory accessory for dress-up time (Ardell fashion lashes starter kit, $6.49 at CVS).

18. A fleece robe makes non-morning-types more presentable ($15 at CVS).

19. It might break by the New Year, but can you really go wrong with the Slinky ($5.29 at CVS)?

20. Just like Mom’s Uggs, only miniaturized (So Dorable baby boots, $8 at CVS).

21. Good for a game of hallway catch when it’s too cold for the park (Nerf football, $7 at Walgreens).

22. Make an exception to the no-rigs-in-the-living-room rule (Motor Max truck, $4.49 at Duane Reade).

23. From one watercolor set, years’ worth of refrigerator art ($7 at Duane Reade).

24. Walkie-talkies tricked out to look like smartphones ($10.49 at CVS).

25. Crank out all manner of marvels, including spaghetti (Fun Factory Play-Doh, $6.49 at Walgreens).


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