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He Shops She Shops

We asked three merry couples to holiday shop for one another, each on a different gift-packed block. The challenge: To divine the perfect present for their other half.


The Teens

What Ebban Got Audrey

Sweater, $60 at Topshop (478 Broadway).
He Picks: “This is, like, what she would wear at home on Christmas.”
She Responds: It’s, like, trying really hard to be comfy but also trendy.”

Critter Kingdome hat, $14.99 at Jewelry Cafe (472 Broadway).
He Picks: “She would probably find this adorable. The polar bear is very her.”
She Responds: “So, that’s adorable, but I’d never buy it or wear it.”

Shangri-La lamp, $55.50 at Pearl River Mart.
He Picks:
“I know exactly where that’d fit in her room. Plus red and black are our colors.”
She Responds: “That’s cool, especially because the lighting in my room is terrible.”

Four-inch disco mirror ball, $7.50 at Pearl River Mart.
He Picks:
“For the dance parties she has in her living room.”
She Responds: “What purpose do these serve? It’s a cute gift. I guess.”

Woodstock T-shirt, $20 at Yellow Rat Bastard.
He Picks:
“We were born in 1994, but if we were alive at the time of Woodstock, we’d totally have been there.”
She Responds: “My parents are old hippies; I grew up on that stuff!”

What Audrey Really Wants: Gift certificate for dinner for two at L’Ecole at the French Culinary Institute (462 Broadway).
She Says: “The menu looks so delicious!”
He Says: “I’ve promised to take her to a nice dinner so many times; I probably should do that. She’s a very adventurous eater; I’m cool with chicken nuggets.”

What Audrey Got Ebban

YRB high- tops, $60 at Yellow Rat Bastard
She Picks: “They’re like ghetto Converse, in a cool way.”
He Responds: “These are too obnoxious, a little loud.”

Bacon gumballs, $3.50 at Pearl River Mart.
She Picks:
“Funny and so ridiculous! Who doesn’t like bacon?”
He Responds:“Funny and so ridiculous! Who doesn’t like bacon?”

Music-note belt, $10 at Yellow Rat Bastard.
She Picks:
“He’s a musician and stuff. He’s frighteningly good.”
He Responds: “I’d probably wear it for a few days, then lose it.”

Stratham leather bomber jacket, $498 at Timberland (474 Broadway).
She Picks:
“His dad’s, like, a really cool guitarist. Ebban wears a lot of his clothes, and this reminds me of something he’d steal from him.”
He Responds: “Awesome! I lost my other leather jacket—actually, it was my dad’s. He was so mad.”

SoundDock II, $299.95 at Bose (465 Broadway).
She Picks:
“He’s so serious about listening to his music. He’s gonna be deaf one day.”
He Responds: “Anytime I hear a Bose, I’m like, ‘Ahhh, yes!’ ”

Michael Kors Broome shirt, $195 at Scoop (532 Broadway).
She Picks:
“Ooh, it’s Michael Kors! Ebban doesn’t watch Project Runway, but his mom probably does. And he loves flannels.”
He Responds: “That’s great. Lately I’m just really into plaid.”

What Ebban Really Wants: Classical guitar, $79.50 at Pearl River Mart.
He Says: “I’m in two bands now. I don’t have a classical guitar, and this one’s really beautiful.”
She Says: “I’d want to get him a well-designed, well-crafted one, not some dinky thing.

Photographs: Courtesy of the Vendors (Swaeter, L’ecole, Sounddock, Bomber, Michael Kors Shirt); Danny Kim/New York Magazine (Remaining).

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