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He Shops She Shops


The In-Betweens

What Clarence Got Melanie

Fruits by Shoichi Aoki, $14 at Book Thug Nation (100 N. 3rd St.).
He Picks:
“She’s into street-style blogs; she checks them every day.”
She Responds: “Cool! I check the style blogs obsessively during Fashion Week.”

Vivenne Westwood gloves, $148 at About Glamour (107A N. 3rd St.).
He Picks:
“These are simple and classy. And black goes with everything.”
She Responds: “I’m kind of shocked: They’re great!”

Annie Costello Brown brass bangle, $95 at Task (100 N. 3rd St.).
He Picks:
“She loves bangles, but wears them one at a time.”
She Responds: “I’d wear this with this rose-gold Tiffany bracelet I wear all the time.”

Burning Torch leather jacket, $760 at Task.
He Picks:
“I could see her pairing it with leggings and a chunky sweater.”
She Responds: “This looks like Carine Roitfeld, and I love her style!”

Giant chocolate bar, $27 at Mast Brothers (105A N. 3rd St.).
He Picks:
“We don’t usually keep chocolate in the house.”
She Responds: “Now, this is a treat I wouldn’t buy for myself.”

What Melanie Really Wants: Gold-plated silver ring, $90, at Lina Lex Design, 85 N. 3rd St.
She Says: “I like the bigness, but also how simple it is.”
He Says: “I love over-the-top rings on women.”

What Melanie Got Clarence

Piotr Woronkowicz Utopia Mies van der Rohe skate­board, $400 at Voos (105 N. 3rd St.).
She Picks:
“It’s a skateboard, but it’s also a very limited piece of art.”
He Responds “Um, yeah, that’s dope.”

Levi’s Vintage 1947 501 jeans, $250 at Brooklyn Denim Co. (85 N. 3rd St.).
She Picks:
“Clarence isn’t a denim whore, but he’d gravitate toward these: nothing flashy, but clearly special.”
He Responds “I’m not a super jean guy, but these are good: no stains, no shredding, no patches.”

Will Leather Goods Fillmore twisted-braid belt, $165 at Brooklyn Denim Co.
She Picks:
“He just broke a leather woven belt he’s had since college.”
He Responds “Good! The Polo belt that I bought in 1992 died last week.”

Carter and Bond natural-bristle tooth­brush, $17 at Tommy Guns Salon (85 N. 3rd St.)
She Picks:
“When I met him, this was a thing: He really liked natural tooth­brushes.”
He Responds: “Melanie was surprised when she met me that I was into this girly stuff.”

Typography Sketchbooks, $55 at Brooklyn Art Library (103A N. 3rd St.).
She Picks:
“He’s into typography, logos, and the history of fonts. I think he’ll draw inspiration from this when he’s designing T-shirts for his store.”

What Clarence Really Wants:Typography Sketchbooks, $55, at Brooklyn Art Library
He Says: “I would use this book for inspiration when I’m designing a T-shirt. Or just to have. She’s never going to pick this out.”
She Says: “Knew it!”

Photographs: Danny Kim/New York Magazine

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