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He Shops She Shops


The Seniors

What Leo Got Tillie

Wide-brimmed fedora, $120 at Arth (1794 Broadway).
He Picks:
“The fedoras are what the jazzy women are wearing nowadays.”
She Responds: “Gorgeous. I have one like it, but it’s not this nice.”

KitchenAid Design Series mixer, $349.95 at Williams-Sonoma (Time Warner Center, 10 Columbus Cir.).
He Picks:
“Tillie could use this for making her haman­taschen.”
She Responds: “I’ve been thinking of buying one of these!”

Jane Diaz swirl earrings, $188 at the Museum of Arts and Design Store (2 Columbus Cir.).
He Picks:
“I like the big ones. She’d look good in them.”
She Responds: “Beautiful, but they’re too long for me. I don’t have a real long neck.”

Leather wedges, $275 at Eileen Fisher (Time Warner Center).
He Picks:
“Oh, boy! $275! You under­stand Yiddish? Zey lozn sikh batsoln—literally, they like to get paid.”
She Responds: “I don’t wear a high heel anymore. But shoes with zippers are wonderful.”

Samsung 3D Blu-ray disc player, $159.99 at Samsung Experience (Time Warner Center).
He Picks:
“I just got a bargain on a television; now she can watch movies on it.”
She Responds: “I’m not as educated as he is, so I’m not into that so big.”

What Tillie Really Wants: Edward Wohl Bird’s Eye Maple cutting board, $136 at the Museum of Arts and Design Store.
She Says: “I need a cutting board to make my mock chopped liver.”
He Says: “Oh, I get it. That’s fine.”

What Tillie Got Leo

Christys’ fedora, $58 at the Museum of Arts and Design Store.
She Picks:
“The detective in the funny pages wore a hat like that. It’s a nice hat.”
He Responds: “Wonderful. Good choice.”

KitchenAid Design Series stand mixer, $349.95 at Williams-Sonoma.
She Picks:
“I would buy it to make my haman­taschen easier. He would use it, too.”
He Responds: “Wait, what? I picked this for her … and she picked it for me?”

The Global Africa Project, $49.95 at the Museum of Arts and Design Store.
She Picks:
“Leo’s a scholar. He knows about different countries and wars.”
He Responds: “Nice. I have at least 8,000 books, but none about African art.”

Purple V-neck sweater, $69.50 at Esprit (Time Warner Center).
She Picks:
“He wears the V-necks, and he’s not shy about colors at all.”
He Responds: “That’s very good. I wear sweaters a lot. The color is perfect.”

Striped apron, $26.95; oven mitt, $12.95; and pot holder, $9.95; all at Williams-Sonoma.
She Picks:
“He cooks a lot. He loves soup! And he would like the lively stripes and the colors here.”
He Responds: “The pot holder is just beautiful. The apron will be my first.”

What Leo Really Wants: Calphalon Contemporary nonstick saucepan with lid, $85 at Williams-Sonoma.
He Says: “I like soup, and I need a new pot.”
She Says: “Oh, yes. For his soup he’s been using a chipped pot I want to throw out.”

Photographs: Courtesy of the Vendors (Mixer, Wedges, Blu-Ray Disc Player, Sweater, Apron, Oven Mitt, Pot Holder, Saucepan); Danny Kim/New York Magazine (Remaining)


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