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Movie Buffs

The Big Screen, by David Thomson.
The scholarly critic trains his lens on the history of cinema and its relationship with the people whose Goobers purchases still make it viable ($35 at Book Culture, 536 W. 112th St., nr. Broadway; 212-865-1588).

Bilbo Baggins Action Figure
The face on this six-inch depiction of hobbit Martin Freeman is freakishly realistic. The feet, with painted-on hair, are just freakish ($20 at

Moonrise Kingdom Two-Disc Blu-Ray Combo Pack
Twee-o-meters will implode when they get a load of Wes Anderson’s latest—the story of two weird but adorable preteens who run off into the woods together ($35 at Barnes & Noble, 555 Fifth Ave., at 46th St.; 212-697-3048).

Alfred Hitchcock: the Masterpiece Collection
Fifteen remastered movies and more than fifteen hours of bonus footage make this Blu-ray set fifteen times more necessary than any other Hitchcock collection ($255 at Kim’s Video & Music).

Feminist Ryan Gosling, by Danielle Henderson.
Hey, girl, here’s a book of that Tumblr you like so you can look at it when you can’t look at Tumblr ($13 at Urban Outfitters, 2633 Broadway, nr. W. 100th St.; 212-222-3212).

Tarantino XX: 8-Film Collection
This Blu-ray boxed set features the choicest cuts from the director’s career to date, including Pulp Fiction and both Kill Bills ($90 at Best Buy, 622 Broadway, nr. Houston St.; 212-673-4067; 11/20).

R-Rated Ted Plushie
For those who find Mark Wahlberg too hard-bodied and organ-filled, this talking replica of his onscreen bro Ted is the perfect snuggle buddy ($60 at Forbidden Planet, 832 Broadway, at 13th St.; 212-473-1576).

Channing Tatum Boxed Set
Buy 21 Jump Street, Magic Mike, and The Vow; wrap them in a banana hammock; and you’ve got the DIY gift of the season ($66, sans hammock, at FYE, 5717 Myrtle Ave., nr. Seneca Ave., Ridgewood; 718-366-0204).

The Dark Knight Trilogy
The Christopher Nolan threefer now comes on Blu-ray with a 64-page booklet-coaster ($53 at Barnes & Noble, 33 E. 17th St., nr. Broadway; 212-253-0810; 12/4).

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