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Hair of the Dog

Boozed it up too much this New Year's Eve? Why not just continue the streak with these spiked hangover cures (and a few healthy ones) from the alcohol experts.


Poor puppy.   

Luc Carl; Ludlow Manor
95 Delancey St., at Ludlow St.; 212-228-0909
The Cure: "I have many hangover cures ... I wrote a whole book about it! One of my favorites is the Red Beer (Midwestern Michelada): Pour a twelve-ounce beer into a pint glass. Top it off with tomato juice. Splash of Tabasco. Any bachelor can make this, even having just thrown up."

Dan Greenbaum; The Beagle
162 Ave. A., nr. E. 10th St.;, 212-228-6900
The Cure: "My fail-safe hangover cure is a mini-beer and soup with meat in it. They sell these little pony Miller High Life at some bodegas, which are a wonderful way to start your day and take the edge off. Then I like to go eat. If I'm in my neighborhood in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, I'll go eat a consommé made from barbacoa, which is a well-known hangover cure in Mexico. It's usually only made on weekends from the drippings of either roasted goat or sheep, with some chickpeas, onion, chilies, a little meat, and some other good stuff (you can also get the barbacoa by itself and make your own tacos)."

Joshua Van Horn; Five Leaves
18 Bedford Ave., at Lorimer St., Greenpoint; 718-383-5345
The Cure: "Mine is a two-part remedy: one part for your stomach, and one part for your head. First, I take one eight-ounce bottle of ginger ale, remove cap, add eight dashes of Angostura bitters, put the cap back on and shake gently; open and enjoy. This totally settles my beer belly. Then I pour myself a nice glass of Champagne (or two) to ease my head."

Steve Muntean; PH-D at the Dream Downtown
355 W. 16th St., nr. Ninth Ave., 212-229-2336
The Cure:"I like to call it reactivation. Have another shot of tequila and it gets the booze from the night before stirred up. Ready to party again."

William Ward; Marble Lane at the Dream Downtown
355 W. 16th St., nr. Ninth Ave., 212-229-2336
The Cure: "I like to start my day with a mix of fresh grapefruit juice and soda water, “spiked” with a few dashes of grapefruit bitters. Refreshing and mildly sweet, with enough acidity and bitterness to temper the sweet-saltiness of my all-time favorite hangover breakfast: French toast with bacon. Of course, if I need to get my game back on for another day of revelry, I start with a mix of Johnnie Walker Black, Kahlua, and milk."

Arthur Shepherd; Saint Vitus
1120 Manhattan Ave., nr. Clay St., Greenpoint, 718-246-0200
The Cure: "Something spicy is a great way to get the heart pumping and the glorious fun-juice flowing through one's tattered body quick and easy. We here at St. Vitus suggest the POPE—a Coors tall boy served with a tasty shot of Irish whiskey, backed by the spiciest of pickleback shots from Brooklyn Brine!"

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