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Hair of the Dog


Dr. Bartender.   

Jeremy Strawn; Mulberry Project
149 Mulberry St., nr. Grand St., 646-448-4536
Vinatta Project 69 Gansevoort St., nr. Greenwich St.; 646-398-9125
The Cure: "The Aperol Grapefruit Fizz that has vitamins, sugar, and the right amount of alcohol to right your system and is just refreshing the day after you party hard during the holidays/NYE"; Recipe.

Doug Quinn; P.J. Clarke’s
915 Third Ave., at 55th St.; 212-317-1616
The Cure: "If you’re not feeling up to that hair-of-the-dog Bloody Mary or quick red-eye from your closest coffee shop, consider the more health-conscious approach with a fruit smoothie and your daily dose of essential vitamins. I make mine with hot cherry peppers to give things a bit of kick, which is just what you need to wake you up on a hungover morning"; Recipe.

Martim Smith-Mattson; Vandaag
103 Second Ave., at 6th St.; 212-253-0470
The Cure: "The 'Wiskerke' is a take on one of my favorite martinis, the Gibson, which is one of my favorite drinks to have when I'm hungover. I caution you to drink this one slowly, the pickled onion and the seaweed bring a nice savory, briney quality which is great"; Recipe.

Christian Schaal; Nights and Weekends
1 Bedford Ave., at Manhattan Ave., Greenpoint; 718-383-5349
The Cure: "The Bermuda Sour has components and flavors that people generally associate with breakfast hangover remedies, specifically citrus and eggs. Here I'm using cointreau (or combier), lime, and egg whites, which combine to produce a smooth, creamy drink that coats the stomach while the alcohol numbs your hangover headache. I like to think of this drink as a dark-rum take on the classic Corpse Reviver No. 2"; Recipe.

Taso Pavlou; Studio Square
35-33 36th St., nr. 35th Ave., Long Island City; 718-383-1001
The Cure: “This 'Drink of Shame' is my own version of the Bloody Mary, which also incorporates all of the components of the quintessential hangover brunch—egg, ketchup, Tabasco … but the pickle juice really is the cure here”; Recipe.

Angel Deleon; Yerba Buena
23 Ave. A, nr. 2nd St.; 212-529-2919
The Cure: "'El Jugito,' with carrots, citrus, and hangover tonic includes carotene, which may improve imperfect vision, and Vitamin C for the immune system. Its antioxidants may help prevent further cellular damage and perk up your skin"; Recipe

Jenny Castillo; Cafeteria
119 Seventh Ave., at 17th St., 212-414-1717
The Cure: The Slender Bender: "A little hair of the dog + coconut water + tons of antioxidants = perfect cure"; Recipe.


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