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Outsmart Your Addiction


What Have You Done to Quit?
Asked of smokers found outside midtown office buildings.

“I tried the patch for four years, but then my mother got breast cancer and I started back up.”
—Investment banker, 39

“I tried the patch, but it itched so much! I would definitely try hypnosis, but I’d need someone with me so the guy doesn’t say, ‘When the bell rings, take off all your clothes.’”
—Executive assistant, 37

“I went to this guy in Boston—‘the Mad Russian’—that my doctor told me about. You go in this huge room with lots of other people, he holds his hand over your head, and you just think about quitting. I stopped for six weeks.”
—Sales associate, 45

“I read a book by Allen Carr called the Easy Way to Stop Smoking. It lasted three months. Then I was at an expensive dinner and someone offered me a cigar and that was it.”
—Investment banker, 37

“In the process now. I got that book from Allen—what’s his name? Somebody in the office gave it to me. So, hopefully.”
—Trader, 43

“Allen Carr for me. I read the book and quit for nine months. I don’t know why it works, but I believe it.”
—Headhunter, 29

“I have quit! I cut it down to two a day!”
—Technology manager, 47

“Nothing. I just wish.”
—Programmer, 39


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