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Inner Peace

Learning to breathe in a breathless town.

Introduction by Hugo Lindgren

Join a Brownstone Shtetl
Judaism takes hold in secular taking cues from Orthodox Brooklyn.

Retreat! Retreat!
Some people need high-thread-count sheets to relax. Some don’t. There are destinations for both.

Outsmart Your Addiction
The Easyway method wants you to convince yourself not to smoke while letting you smoke as much as you want.

Sweat for Your Soul
The latest fitness routines promise to accelerate your pulse but ease your mind.

Indulge Your Paranoia
Are there any PBDEs to be found in your house? What about phthalates? One parent takes the Park Slope Purity Test.

What Do You Do For Inner Peace?
Notable New Yorkers weigh in.

What Do You Do For Inner Peace?
Normal New Yorkers weigh in.

Mess Up Your Life
Confronting the new anti-organization guru.

Run the New Age Gauntlet
A newbie test-drives the latest treatments.

Seek Out the Nebbiolo
Red wine, good for the body and mind.

Get Drill-Sergeanted
What felons learn from boot camp.

Renounce Your BlackBerry
Technology is the new choice of quitters.

Move to a Fantasy Island
How Maui taught me to love New York.

Hum Yourself to Serenity
A blissful mix.

Precision-Tune Your Hypochondria
Will it make you feel better to find what’s really wrong?

How Do You Organize?
Asked of pedestrians in midtown.