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What Celebrities Are Saying About London


London is ahead of the curve
“There’s been more iconic imagery made here, so there’s more confidence in the idea of modernity. In New York it’s about updating the skyline. Here it’s all about having a new one.”
David Adjaye, architect

Which city is more neurotic?
“New York is a much more positive place. The most common first words of any British child are, ‘All right, I’ve kept my peace long enough—this town is a total shit-hole.’ We have long found Americans’ pride in their surroundings confusing. Whether you are right or not is irrelevant; you should really be repressing those feelings. It never did us any harm.”
John Oliver, correspondent, The Daily Show

Which city has the best subway?
“New York’s is much more extensive and intensive. It’s a rush-hour system, built to withstand huge numbers of people flocking to it first thing in the morning. London’s rush hour is nothing compared to New York’s.”
Bob Kiley, former head of the MTA and London Transit

How does London’s nightlife compare?
“It’s just seedier. You want the real grimy shit? London is where it’s at.”
Mark Ecko, fashion designer

When in London, what do you do first?
“I go to the Ivy and get liver. It’s the closest thing to my mother’s liver. Not her actual liver, but her food.”
Helena Christensen, model

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