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The Emperors of Benevolence


Robin Hood = No Photo Available


Paul Tudor Jones II, Founder
Chairman and CEO, Tudor Investment Corporation
Jones put up $3 million when he founded Robin Hood in 1988. Many millions have followed.


Dirk Ziff, Vice-chair
Chairman, Ziff Brothers Investments
Publishing heir Ziff offers Robin Hood a connection to New York’s network of the young-but-absurdly-rich. Although at 42, he’s the eldest of the Ziff brothers—Robert is 40 and Daniel is but 35—there are just 74 billionaires in the world who were born after young Dirk.

Scott Bommer
President, SAB Capital Management
At 40, hedge-funder Bommer brings more youth to the Robin Hood party.

Glenn Dubin, Co-founder
Co-founder, Highbridge Capital Management
Robin Hood co-founder Dubin ponied up a six-figure donation in 1988 alongside Jones and Borish, and continues to give, including more than $7 million in 2005 alone. He recruited the foundation’s executive director, David Saltzman, his onetime brother-in-law.

Peter F. Borish, Co-founder
CEO, Twinfields Capital
Robin Hood co-founder Borish gave the foundation its name, which was suggested to him by his wife. He also put up a contribution of “six figures” to launch the fund in 1988 along with Jones and Dubin.

Daniel S. Och
Senior Managing Member, Och-Ziff Capital Management
Just another superrich Wall Street guy.

Lee S. Ainslie III, Vice-chair
Managing Partner, Maverick Capital
One of the board’s many hedge-fund managers, Ainslie brings his moneyed connections, such as other “Tiger cubs” who once worked with him under hedge-fund legend Julian Robertson.

Richard L. Chilton Jr.
President and CEO, Chilton Investment Company
One of the old hands of the Greenwich hedge-fund scene, Chilton brings his connections—and brought $2 million in donations over 2003 and 2004.

Steven A. Cohen
Chairman and CEO, S.A.C. Capital Advisors
The secretive, vastly rich Cohen has given in proportion to his success, announcing a $15 million gift in 2002. An investment of $15 million of the foundation’s money in one of his hedge funds was recently worth $23.9 million.

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