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The Emperors of Benevolence


(Still plenty of money here, too.)

Richard S. Fuld Jr.
Chairman and CEO, Lehman Brothers
Along with Bear Stearns president Alan Schwartz, Fuld brings to Robin Hood what Bear and Lehman bring to Wall Street: an effort to make sure that when it comes to investment banks, it’s not all Goldman all the time.

Jeffrey R. Immelt
Chairman and CEO, General Electric
Immelt is someone who can pick up the phone and call pretty much anyone Robin Hood needs to call who can’t be found in Harvey Weinstein’s Rolodex.

Kenneth G. Langone
Chairman and CEO, Invemed Associates
One of the elder statesmen on the board, Langone brings true entrepreneurial prowess— he co-founded Home Depot.

David W. Puth
President, The Eriska Group
The former head of the global-currency-and-commodity group at JPMorgan Chase, Puth has, one hopes, been advising Robin Hood to invest in non-U.S.-dollar-based assets.

Lloyd C. Blankfein
Chairman and CEO, Goldman Sachs
No group of top-shelf financiers is complete without its Goldman component. Blankfein’s family foundation gave $390,000 to Robin Hood in 2006. (Many other current or former Goldmanites are also donors, including former chairman Henry Paulson, hedge-fund chief Marc Spilker, CFO David Viniar, Tom Tuft, and Eric Mindich.)

Alan D. Schwartz
President, Bear Stearns
Yet another Wall Street moneybags.

Marie-Josée Kravis
Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute
Kravis, an economist, brings intellectual gravitas as well as cash earned by her husband, Henry. Since 2002, the Kravis family has given more than $6 million to Robin Hood.

Victoria B. Bjorklund
Partner, Simpson Thacher and Bartlett
The head of the nonprofit group at Wall Street’s top law firm, Bjorklund is the board’s legal eagle. Pro bono, of course.

Peter D. Kiernan III
Chairman, Kiernan Ventures
Former Goldman honcho Kiernan has given nearly $400,000 to Robin Hood in the past two years.

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