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Money 2009: What’s It Worth?


When Lehman Brothers went down in an inglorious heap a little more than a year ago, anxiety went viral. It seemed unfathomable that an established firm could be worth so much less than people thought—a good deal less than zero, as it turned out. Although relative calm has been restored, the sense of uncertainty about worth still lingers and is a common thread in many of the stories in this issue. read more [+]
Zero HedgeThe Dow Zero Insurgency
A ragtag band of apocalyptic financial bloggers is on the rise.
Born CheapAre We Born Cheap?
What if thrift is something that’s inherited, rather than learned?
Eli ManningThe Markup on Manning
The deceptive math behind Eli Manning’s historic contract.
Madoff VictimsThe Madoff Exiles
Victims of the $65 billion Ponzi scheme feel cast out, denied justice, forgotten.
Real-Estate VulturesBargain-Basement Skyscrapers
Scavenging the skyline with a leading real-estate vulture.
Union SquareThe Micro-Economy of Union Square
New York's commercial powerhouse neighborhood.
Saving PollThe Thrift Index
A 100-person poll on spending and saving.


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