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Pick a Country to Believe In

If you believe the U.S. dollar’s recent strength will be short-lived, then other countries’ currencies look cheap. You can trade one currency against another using currency-exchange-traded funds like Barclays iPath and Rydex, or online-trading platforms at Oanda and


Australian dollar
ANALYST: Kathy Lien, GFT
“Australia has weathered the global financial crisis far better than its peers. More important, it produces a tremendous amount of commodities and will benefit from the rebound in copper and gold prices. And Australia will surely receive part of China’s $80 billion spending spree.”

Brazilian real
ANALYST: Ashraf Laidi, CMC Markets
“Brazil has vast oil reserves, which makes the real a prime candidate to strengthen markedly once the global economy recovers. Brazil also has soy and sugar exports, its stock and bond markets are quite advanced, and the real has done well in past commodities-led recoveries.”

Swedish krona and Norwegian krone
ANALYST: Rodolfo Ledesma, Velocity Trade
“We expect the krona to recover slowly by the beginning of 2010, with the loosening of monetary policy and as the fiscal stimulus gets to the economy. This recovery will go in hand with that of the oil-rich Norwegian krone, which will perform better in 2010.”

U.S. dollar
ANALYST: Todd Gordon,
“As soon as this crisis hit foreign shores, investors wanted the safest market in the world. In the first half of this recovery, which I believe should begin in the next six to twelve months, the dollar is the one that will lead us out of this. I want to be long dollars, and short yen.”


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