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Who Makes How Much


Harvey and Bob Weinstein
$50 million each

Co-chairmen, Miramax Films
(20045 bonuses and buyout from Disney split)

Robert De Niro
$20 million

Actor, Meet the Fockers

Leonardo DiCaprio
$20 million

Actor, The Aviator

Nicole Kidman
$15 million

Actress, The Interpreter

Kirsten Dunst
$8 million

Actress, Elizabethtown

Meryl Streep
$5 million

Actress, The Devil Wears Prada

Lindsay Lohan
$3.5 million

Actress, Herbie: Fully Loaded
($7.5 million for the upcoming Just My Luck)

Uma Thurman
$3 million

Actress, Be Cool

Ethan Hawke
$3 million

Actor, Assault on Precinct 13

Jake Gyllenhaal
$3 million

Actor, Jarhead

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Actress, upcoming untitled Oliver Stone 9/11 film

Rosario Dawson
$1 million

Actress, Rent

Peter Sarsgaard

Actor, Flight Plan

Sarah Jessica Parker
$38 million

Gap spokeswoman
(plus $1 million for the upcoming Failure to Launch)

Karen Cooper

Director and president, Film Forum

Johan Roldan

Ticket collector, City Cinemas Village East

David Schmidt

Kim’s Video clerk
(28 hours per week at $6 per hour)

Billy Crystal
$10 million

Monologuist, 700 Sundays

Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane
$5.2 million each

Actors, The Odd Couple
($100,000 per week)

Julia Roberts

Actress, Three Days of Rain
($35,000 per week)

Rosie O’Donnell

Actress, Fiddler on the Roof
($10,000 per week)

John Patrick Shanley
$2.6 million

Playwright, Doubt
(10 percent of weekly gross of $500,000)

Sydney Davolos

General manager, Roundabout Theatre

Glenn Lowry

Director, the Museum of Modern Art

Philippe de Montebello

Director and CEO, the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Aristotle Stathatos

Security guard, the Metropolitan Museum of Art

William Ruprecht
$2 million

Director, Sotheby’s

Steven Kasher

Chelsea gallery owner

Larry Gagosian
$30 million

Owner, Gagosian Gallery

Jasper Johns
$20 million


Jeff Koons
$15 million

Conceptual artist

John Currin
$3 million


Cindy Sherman
$1 million


Andy Warhol

Deceased artist

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