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Luna Park, Thrill Machine


Electro Spin.   

10. Electro Spin
Riders face out in a circle atop an enormous red-and-purple disk, which slides along a half-pipe track, rapidly gaining speed as it spins from end to end. Kind of like a Tilt-A-Whirl, but with no tilting and more whirling.
Brandon: “Really fun! Somehow the spin made the drop seem less steep.”
Dad: “What’s that in the back of my throat? Oh—breakfast.”
Kids: 8.5
Parent: 8.5

Air Race.   

11. Air Race
The park’s star attraction. Riders sit in stripped-down propeller planes that “fly” fast in a circle, then swing sideways, either stopping short of the apex, passing the apex for a full roll, or pausing upside down at the top.
Dad: “I’ll watch with the girls.”
Jack: “Ohhh! I could feel all the blood in my face! It was kind of like being in a washing machine!”
Kids: 10
Parent: N/A

12–15. The Kiddie Rides
These include the Big Top Express (12), Speed Boat (13), Tea Party (14), and Balloon Expedition (15). All fine for the 5-and-under (minimum 36 inches) set.
Lila: “Definitely for little kids.”
Kids: 5.2
Parent: N/A

16. Beach Shack
A beachy structure gets caught in a mechanical tornado, lifts about ten feet, then wobbles and spins.
Lila: “It felt like a barn out to sea.”
Dad: “The cumulative gyrations are starting to pile up.”
Kids: 6
Parent: 6.5

17. Happy Swing
Two six-seat swings pendulum back and forth, not too high, not too fast.
Brandon: “I can’t even look at anything else that spins.”
Dad: “Me neither.”
Kids: 4
Parent: 5

18. The Tickler
A fun, if mysteriously named, combination roller coaster and teacup ride. There’s no tickling, but there are steep climbs and fierce drops, plus the nagging sense that you could fly off into one of the neighboring decrepit buildings at any time.
Phoebe: “It helped to close my eyes.”
Dad: “Woo-hoo! We’re finished!”
Kids: 9.3
Parent: 8.8


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