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The Brooklyn Flyer at Luna Park  

Summer in New York is no time to be sedentary. Not when there are 100-foot-high swings to be ridden, fountains to be splashed in, mini-mountains to be climbed, and disco-skating moves to be mastered.
Starchitects Luna Park, Thrill Machine
Coney Island’s new adrenaline factory.
Life Swap-O-Matic It’s Good to Be a Kid
The top nineteen sites to dig, swing, scale, slide, and herd hippos.
Cubicle Lofts So Long, Soft-Pitch
Six alterna-sport junkies explain why you should consider a new summer pastime.
Party on a Paddle Steamer
And eight other unusual urban watercraft.
Playgrounds Gone Wild
Challenging, danger-embracing, starchitect-designed play zone has dawned, and the city’s children are the better for it.


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