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Beach Endorsements


Brighton Beach   

8. Brighton Beach
Irving Cohen, 93, Retired
“The best beach in New York City is Brighton Beach. You kiddin’? Nothing like it. At the age of 3, I was in the ocean here. My father was in the refrigerator business, so he brought home cork, and my mother made a vest out of it. And she took me and threw me in the water. That’s how I started. I left at 26, when I got married, but I came back to retire because I still liked it. About two weeks ago, I walked all the way down to see the new boardwalk and then sat down on a bench on Brighton 4th Street, where my friends and I used to meet every night when we were 15 to 17. I swear to you, I looked at the beach and I saw them all. My wife laughed at me. I said, ‘Helen, it just came to me. That’s where we all used to meet every night when we were kids.’ We became such good friends that we wanted to be buried together.”

Interviews by Rachel Baker, Kaija Helmetag, and Molly Langmuir.


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