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Summer Careerists


The Inflatable-Castle King
John Taylor, president of NYKidstime

What do you call those blow-up things?
The company that created them called them “moonwalks,” but I’ve heard “jumpy castles,” “bounce houses,” and “inflatable houses.”

When did you buy your first one?
Nine years ago, when my son was born. I took my wife’s truck and said, “I’m going to buy a bounce house,” and she was like, “What?”

How did you convince her?
I said, “I’m looking to have some fun and start a business on the side. But in the worst-case situation, our son has the best toy on the block.”

How many do you own now?
I had twelve, but I just doubled my inventory. Someone got tired of the business and was looking to get out.

Where do you keep them all?
We just bought a home with a garage; my wife’s not too happy that I’ve taken it over. They roll up to the size of a sofa and weigh 300 to 700 pounds.

Do you deal with a lot of brats?
We have kids who refuse to get out. But then I think, if that were me, what would I do? I got into a bouncy thing. I’m having a ball. Why would I want to get out?

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