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Summer Careerists


The Obstacle-Course Creator
Garth Wilson, course manager for Tough Mudder

What is Tough Mudder?
It’s a ten-to-twelve-mile military-style obstacle course. We put on about 35 events a year.

Are the obstacles scary?
Depends on what your fears are. If you’re scared of heights, it would be Walk the Plank, a fifteen-foot plunge into freezing-cold water. But there are some—like Electroshock Therapy, a sprint through a field of dangling wires carrying 10,000 volts of electricity—that terrify everyone.

What does a course manager do, exactly?
I try all of the obstacles to make sure they’re tough enough. Someone has to make certain the mud’s muddy and the electric shocks are shocking.

You voluntarily shock yourself?
It’s a better wake-up than a cup of coffee.

Do people send you suggestions for new obstacles?
Yeah. The craziest video someone sent in was a montage of himself getting kicked in the groin by different people. I’m not sure how he wanted us to incorporate it, but we decided to pass.

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