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Summer Careerists


The Outdoor Movie Screener
Aaron Wistar, tech manager of Rooftop Films

What kind of hours do you work?
Summer is crazy. I usually work from noon to 3 a.m.

What’s the hardest part of the job?
Weather. I’ve become an amateur meteorologist.

Why’s that?
Some of our projectors cost as much as cars; you’ve got to make sure they’re not getting wet. We also have a 40-foot screen we have to take down if it gets too windy.

What other interruptions do you deal with?
Tompkins Square Park can be a bit of a nightmare. One time these crust-punk kids asked if they could use the power. I’m figuring he’s just going to charge his phone, but when I come back twenty minutes later, he’s tattooing his friend. Another time this homeless guy plunked down right up front and peed himself. Just let it rip. It started dribbling through the audience, and we had to get rid of him. I’ve also had a 5-year-old girl aggressively accost me about the programming being boring. She yelled at me for twenty minutes before her mom came.


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