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Pick Your Date

Everyone has a different agenda for making the most of Valentine's Day. Here are seven itineraries (with options) varying in taste and type.


$20 and Under (for the 20 and Under)
Being young and in love (and broke) on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a Romeo and Juliet–style tragedy.
Courting Options for Culturati
An artsy evening doesn’t have to be lacking in romantic ambience.
Single Ladies, I Can’t Hear Y’all!
Trust us: Being an uncoupled city girl on the most romantic day of the year means there’s fun to be had.
Classic Romance, Minus the Cheese
Sure, there's One If by Land. But why not blow your wad somewhere that’s just as decadent and not as clichéd?
The Un-Date
It’s okay to leave the house and spend time with your sweetheart on what you have decided is nothing more than a Hallmark holiday.
Stop and Smell the Roses
Busy couples on budgets shouldn't have to miss out on a night of romance. Here's how to blow off steam, without blowing tons of cash.
New Tricks for Old Pros
For seasoned experts, Valentine’s Day is all about keeping with tradition, while improving on the classics.
Contributors: Amos Barshad, Annsley Chapman, Elizabeth Cline, Michael Connelly, Joe DeLessio, Kaitlin Jessing-Butz, T Sahara Meer, Lauren Salazar, Alexandra Vallis, and Shelley Virginia

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