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For and Against Foreskin

A comprehensive investigation into the pros, cons, and controversies of circumcision.


Would You Circumcise This Baby?Would You Circumcise This Baby?
Why a growing number of parents are saying no to the procedure.
Anatomy of a CircumcisionAnatomy of a Circumcision
What, precisely, does the procedure entail?
The Case for CircumcisionThe Case Against the Case Against Circumcision
Why one mother heard the opposing arguments, but still circumcised her sons.
Doctor vs. MohelDoctor vs. Mohel
How to choose wisely, and find the best possible practitioner in either case.
Sex PartnersWhat Your Sex Partners Think
Uncensored thoughts on the pros and cons of cut versus uncut lovers.
One Man, Both WaysOne Man, Both Ways
The real difference, according to someone who’s been cut and uncut.
The Anti-Circumcision Reader
Four high-profile authors’ objections to circumcision.
Jewish But Don’t Want to Circumcise?
The Brit Shalom, an increasingly popular ceremony.
Steady Hands
Mohels recommended by local synagogues and Jewish organizations.


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