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Ask the Experts: The Design Concierge

Noa Santos, CEO and co-founder, Homepolish


Homepolish introduces clients to designers—almost like a matchmaker.
We don’t just match. We make interior design accessible, from finding the designer to buying the product to understanding the service.

Your users can book a designer even for short-term projects. Can you really rethink a room in a few hours?
Some clients just need a few hours of help and a to-do list. We’ll advise: “Let’s keep this, and let’s get rid of this.” You can completely transform a room by changing the color of a wall or bringing in a new rug or maybe adding a plant.

When it comes to interior design, the budget is often the biggest concern.
Once you understand how you want to live in a space, you know how to spend your money. Go vintage shopping, get things on sale or online—understand where you can make the biggest impact.

What about limited space?
You have to know your priorities. I don’t have a dining area because I don’t have people over for dinner. I have them over for cocktails, so I have a bar cart.

Homepolish isn’t a firm with a single aesthetic. Is that way of approaching design still relevant?
We’re a design partner; we don’t come in and play God. Our goal is not to end up with a project that’s splashed on a magazine cover. We take a project to the point where the client loves it. Whatever it looks like, your home needs to be a place you’re proud of.


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