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The Dream Gadgets of Tech Titans


Illustrations by Peter Arkle  

“A kitchen cleaner: You flip a switch, and it runs the entire room through a dishwasher and 200-plus-degree water with jets everywhere—coming out of the ceiling, coming out of the walls, and coming out of the floor.” —Joe Brown, editor-in-chief of Gizmodo

“A hologram of a singing Beyoncé. Her likeness would emerge straight up from the floor of my apartment, and she would belt out all of her best hits while dressed in fabulous, stage-worthy ensembles.” —Jennifer Hyman, CEO and co-founder of Rent the Runway

“I would like all my lights, climate control, etc. to shut off automatically when I leave in a dash. Bonus points if it could safely heat my kettle so I can have boiling water ready for my French press as I leave the bathroom.” —Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit


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