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Picture Windows

Where Ruben works on an upcoming book of his artwork, to be published this fall by Karl Lagerfeld and Steidl, as well as illustrated advertising for clients.

(1.) The Lamp Shade
Painted by Ruben and used in a Barneys New York window displaying Isabel’s clothes.

(2.) Bookshelves
By Chris Lehrecke, whose furniture is available through Ralph Pucci International.

(3.) The Cactus
A part of the family, and something of a guard dog. When Woody Allen used the loft as a location for his film Melinda and Melinda, the one thing the crew was asked not to do was move it. They ignored the warning. The cactus retaliated by falling on one of the stars, sending her to the emergency room.

(4.) The Skylight
Comes with amazing views of the Empire State Building.

(5.) The Paintings
Are all by Ruben. This watercolor is a study of a grasshopper Isabel found last summer on their garden terrace.

(6.) The Easels
A hand-me-down collection given to Ruben by friends.

(7.) The Mannequins
Display Isabel’s designs-in-progress.