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In Its Right Place

A few simple accessories will go a long way toward putting some order into kitchen chaos.


Soho magnetic spice rack, $89
(At Art of Cooking, 555 Hudson St., nr. W. 11th St.; 212-414-4940.)

Totem vase used as utensil canister, $14.95
(At Crate & Barrel, 650 Madison Ave., at 59th St.; 212-308-0011.)

Expanding shelf, $29.99
(At the Container Store.)

Yohki canisters, $8.95 to $19.95
(At Bodum, 415 W. 14th St., nr. Ninth Ave.; 212-367-9125.)

Flatware organizer, $23.95
(At the Container Store.)

Sorting the Drawers and Cabinets
Expert: Ann Bingley Gallops, the Organized Life

1. Keep the cutlery drawer pruned to daily tools, like the carrot peeler and cheese grater, and put the most frequently used in the spaces to the sides or front of the dividers.

2. Store knives with points toward the back so you don’t grab a blade by mistake. Stow other cutlery with the handles facing forward so it’s easy to grab the right spoon or fork.

3. Store drinking glasses in cabinets nearest the sink or fridge, with everyday tumblers at the front and those occasional grappa glasses toward the back.

4. You can save space in the drawers by nesting the pots, but a lid rack in the cabinet will keep tops visible.

5. Get rid of all but six coffee mugs.

6. If the person who sets the table is five-two, plates need to be on a lower shelf. If you have children, keep the most-breakable items on high shelves.


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