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Interior Designers

Fawn Galli Interiors

1133 Broadway, nr. 26th St., Ste. 1429; 212-792-2263;

Galli thrives on unlikely combinations, and her designs take cues from inspirations as varied as feathered headdresses, 1970s disco culture, and a Gaudí staircase. She deftly mixes vintage with contemporary and isn’t afraid to use saturated colors to enliven otherwise neutral spaces.

Foley & Cox

135 W. 29th St., nr. Sixth Ave., Ste. 900; 212-529-5800;

Given that they’re both Ralph Lauren vets, it comes as no surprise that Mary Foley and Michael Cox have a predilection for infusing interiors with high-toned vintage pieces and antique touches. A desk chair might boast weathered, woven-brown-leather seating—a flourish at once graceful and practical.

Fox-Nahem Associates

4 W. 22nd St., nr. Fifth Ave., fifth fl.; 212-358-1411;

This firm delivers tailored luxury for powerful professionals who want homes in which to entertain and retreat. Expect polished public rooms with cozy personal areas tucked away.

Frank de Biasi Interiors

6 E. 39th St., at Fifth Ave., Ste. 1000; 212-431-1222;

De Biasi collaborates with clients to create both modern and classic spaces that can be bold or subdued. For a family who wanted to showcase their contemporary Latin American–art collection, he kept the furniture understated so the artwork would stand out.

Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design

67 Vestry St., nr. Washington St., Ste. 8B; 212-219-7678;

Viñas infuses her warm and witty interiors with color palettes that pulsate with life. Recently, she ran a custom stainless-steel tube slide through four floors of a New York penthouse.

Gilles Chabannes Architects

41 E. 68th St., nr. Madison Ave., Ste. 2A; 212-517-3434

For Chabannes, the real challenge is creating within the conditions a space offers. “Whether it’s a cabin in the woods or a city apartment,” he notes, “all projects have constraints you have to work and be poetic within.”

Glenn Gissler Design

1123 Broadway, at 25th St., Ste. 1100; 212-228-9880;

Gissler balances rooms with lighting and woodwork before meticulously adding color and furniture. He’s often willing to let the art command a room, which explains why he’s a go-to designer for many dealers and collectors.

Gomez Associates

504 E. 74th St., nr. York Ave., Ste. 1E; 212-288-6856;

Mariette Himes Gomez is a modern classicist who creates fresh, unpretentious spaces. “Even the mildest of rooms deserves a shot of color,” she says. “When used in moderation, cobalt blue, pale blue, and celadon can supply just the right punch.”

Harry Heissmann, Inc.

545 W. 45th St., nr. 11th Ave., Ste. 1104; 212-586-0600;

Wit and worldliness define Heissmann’s design philosophy. He mixes classic luxury with quirky, funny objects such as a Kidrobot unicorn. Having worked for nine years under design legend Albert Hadley, he’s an expert in combining disparate objects and textiles from around the world.

Henry Mitchell Interior Architecture


This architect and designer made his name doing clever budget-conscious renovations. Mitchell specializes in kitchens and bathrooms and is known to use concrete in innovative ways, from clean primitive floors or walls to high-polish countertops that resemble stone.


48 W. 25th St., nr. Sixth Ave., Ste. 3N; 917-722-8370;

Founded by Noa Santos and Will Nathan, this network of more than 200 up-and-coming interior designers makes professional decoration affordable with its flexible model: $50 to $80 for a 60-minute consultation.


210 11th Ave., at 25th St., Ste. 601; 212-717-9177;

Ford (as he is professionally known) creates calm interiors that meld eclectic modern furnishings with vintage items. His spaces promote serenity—he once hung a rattan chair with fur-hide pivots to create a peaceful perch that offered a view of the river.

Ishka Designs


Principals Anishka Clarke and Niya Bascom share a casually sophisticated sensibility, which they’ve brought to life in residential and commercial projects in Brooklyn, where they’re based, as well as Paris and the Caribbean.

J+G Design

220 Front St., nr. Beekman St., Ste. 2B; 202-365-6868;

Jennifer Hunter and Georgie Hambright’s new full-concept design firm blends an old-world sensibility with a touch of modern sass. It’s no wonder that young urbanites call on these up-and-comers to help outfit their first serious abodes.

Jayne Design Studio

36 E. 12th St., nr. University Pl., Ste. 702; 212-838-9080;

Known for his museum-curator savvy, Thomas Jayne designs interiors with space enough to admire fine 18th- and 19th-century antique furniture without sacrificing comfort.


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