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Global Design 2013

What the kids are up to In Bali, Amsterdam, London, Mumbai, Genoa, Singapore, San Salvador, Reykjavik, Tokyo, and Barcelona.


For the past two years, our Fall Design issues have had a global focus—mostly eschewing projects in New York in favor of those overseas and across state lines. In this year's, we set out to survey what the world might look like in the next few years by checking in with a new generation of young designers—the plucky kids straight out of design school, the twenty- and thirtysomethings renovating their first apartments, the up-and-comers on the cusp of marketplace fame—to see what gizmos, gadgets, tables, couches, chairs, and floor plans they're cooking up in their tiny studios and converted warehouses. READ MORE [+]

First off, yes, there will be lots of sleek lines, light wood, and environmentally conscious decisions. But much of what we found was impossible to categorize quite so neatly, like a 32-year-old designer employing traditional Indonesian building techniques to create a six-story bamboo house in Bali, a Korean inventor who's created a vacuum cleaner that won't give you a nervous breakdown, or a 29-year-old in North London who vastly transformed his loft in part by finding some seeds in his pocket and planting them on the wall. As different as their work is—some streamline perfect, some perfectly raw—they share a sense of optimism about the transformative potential of design: a credo shared, needless to say, by designers of all ages. SHOW LESS [-]


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