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The Collective Class


Jay Cover, William Edmonds, and Nicolas Burrows.  

Ecology of Colour, a building in Dartford’s Central Park.   

Nous Vous
Based in: London

Before they became one of London’s most sought-after young illustration-and-graphics firms, the trio behind Nous Vous were 22-year-old design-school grads bumming around the indie arts scene in Leeds, making posters for local bands and exhibiting their cartoonish drawings and prints in galleries and cafés. They soon sniffed each other out and began collaborating in 2006. “Our current personalities kind of formed in unison,” says member Jay Cover. “And as a group, larger projects that would be difficult for any one of us to do alone have become possible.” Now based in London, Nous Vous’s practice revolves around riffing off one another’s ideas, as exemplified by one of their more well-known projects: a huge pile of painted-wood sculptures they created for a Tokyo Police Club album cover. They do keep some work separate (such as member William Edmonds’s budding splatter-paint pottery line, Some Wow), but as a group, they’ve scored a slew of logo and illustration commissions, as well as their most ambitious project to date, the cedar cabin pictured at right—whose hand-painted, “jolly”-looking, graph-paper-inspired exterior they designed for architects Studio Weave—that stands in Dartford’s Central Park.


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